Clickety Click January 2017

By Debbie Koenig

Publications offer tons of health and weight-loss tips this time of year, which means this month’s roundup is particularly rich:

I lost 100 pounds back in the Weight Watchers Dark Age, on a program called Fat & Fiber. I avoided dietary fat so obsessively, I was afraid to eat an olive by the end of it. Yes, it worked for me, but how wrong we were.

Maybe I was successful on Fat & Fiber  because science now suggests there are at least 59 different types of obesity, so different techniques may work for different people.

A poignant reminder that when it comes to body image, words matter.

On the other hand, so do pictures (NSFW). And seeing how others see you.

I’m glad bariatric surgery wasn’t an option when I lost my weight.

How many of these “healthy habits” do you have?

Five writers at The Washington Post are following different weight-loss plans and writing about their experiences. The food critic — which I’d say is the absolute hardest job to have when you’re trying to lose weight, since you can’t order your food the way you want it — is on Weight Watchers!

For most of November and December, I ate my feelings, too.

Yet another reason to love Weight Watchers: We get to eat dessert.

Seriously, Fisher-Price? Plastic exercise bikes for toddlers, with a place to put a tablet?

I would like somebody to explain to me why these ten foods in particular inspired so many people to Google their calorie counts.

Important to remember this time of year: The workout you’ll actually do is the best choice for you.

And finally, Nutella — one of my son’s top-five favorite foods — is trying to bamboozle us into believing it’s healthier than peanut or almond butter. Nice.

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