Clickety Click February 2017

By Debbie Koenig

Let’s traipse around the Internet together, shall we? Here’s what caught my eye this month:

I became a Lifetime Member all by myself. I’d joined Weight Watchers after my then-husband and I separated. But a few years ago, when my now-husband (who I call my “real” husband) and I put on a few pounds, we attended meetings together. I admit, I liked it better that way. Check out this couple, who together have lost more than 300 pounds!

Would you post a picture of yourself in a bathing suit, like this mom did?

I looked a lot like Lizzie when I was 15, but I never had half her confidence. I love her.

When my son was born, I started buying as much organic food as we could afford. For a while, I refused to buy conventionally grown types of his two favorites, strawberries and apples. He ate so much of each, I worried what it might do to his body. But these days I’m less strict about it, and this article suggests my overreaction was pretty common.

I cannot believe that people actually tried to body-shame Lady Gaga for baring her belly at the Super Bowl. Her response: awesome.

For a few years, I volunteered in the lunchroom at my son’s school, and I got pretty judge-y about what other people were packing in their kids’ lunchboxes. Now that my guy’s on appetite-suppressing meds, he’s bringing in things like those little yogurts with candy mix-ins. I no longer judge. And I’d never send home a note like this one.

I want to live in a world where a one-minute workout really works.

And finally, I’m glad I live in a world where people pay off school lunch debts for kids they’ve never met.

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