Clickety Click December 2016

By Debbie Koenig

Take a break from the swirling insanity of holiday time, and read the interesting stuff I found for you:

I played with Barbies obsessively when I was a kid. I can’t say for sure that it messed with my psyche, but the fact that Mattel just introduced an homage to plus-size model (and body-positive activist) Ashley Graham makes me happy. If I had a daughter, she’d be getting one for Hanukkah, for sure.

One of the things that drives me bananas about feeding my picky son is the waste. If I prepare something I’m confident he’ll like and he doesn’t, I’m scraping money off his plate into the garbage. These days, I hesitate to experiment. So when people talk about the cost of food being a barrier to eating well below the poverty line, I listen. When you don’t have a lot of money to spend on food, the idea of throwing away something because your kid doesn’t like it must be pretty shattering. This article in The Washington Post takes an interesting look at the factors that keep people from eating more healthfully.

Around 20 years ago, this woman was me: Exercising regularly for the first time, ever, really. I wonder where she’ll be in two decades.

Do the men in your life tend to overdo it at big gatherings, even if they’re not particularly hungry? A new study out of Cornell’s Food & Brand Lab suggests it may be attached to ego, an unconscious display of strength and virility. So maybe have a chat with your partner before your next holiday gathering….

I lost all my weight on an old Weight Watchers plan called Fat & Fiber, in which we counted fat grams religiously. I avoided nuts for years, just because they’re relatively high in fat, but science has now shown us that it’s good fat. And a new review of the research suggests that eating nuts regularly can prolong your life. So what are you waiting for? Five SmartPoints® for an ounce of mixed nuts: totally worth it.

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