Clickety Click April 2018

By Debbie Koenig 

I had so much other good stuff to share in March that I didn’t have a chance to write my monthly links roundup! So you’re getting an early one for April:

Jane Brody’s essay about lasting weight loss includes this quote from an expert, which might as well endorse the approach Weight Watchers takes: “Successful long-term calorie reduction is most likely to result when patients decide for themselves which dietary changes to make and when. Essential to any effort is a clear understanding that dietary change is a slow process that requires ongoing vigilance.” 

Ever wonder if having a White House staff available to plan menus, shop for food, and cook makes it easier to lose weight? 

A few weeks back I wrote about how I fight against the notion of “guilt” as it relates to food. I wonder if this dietitian was at the same conference as I was—she digs pretty deep into the whole concept of “guilt-free food.” 

If you’re not moving much because you can’t find a solid half hour to devote to exercise, go ahead and take those two-minute walks

Here’s a good question: Exercise is as effective as antidepressants for many cases of depression, so why isn’t it prescribed? 

I joined Weight Watchers for the last time almost 25 years ago, when my best friend got engaged and I couldn’t find a single bridesmaid dress that would fit me. Times have changed

One of my biggest challenges is to resist the urge to compare myself to others, so I got a lot out of this essay about the damage caused by comparisons.

And here’s the story about how the family behind The Joy of Cooking fought back against Wansink’s bad science, when he painted newer editions of the book as a calorie bomb.

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