Clickety Click April 2017

By Debbie Koenig

Grab a tablet and a cozy chair — it’s time to start reading!

Thanks to Weight Watchers, you’re probably eating more healthfully than you have in years. But even really healthy people make nutrition mistakes — you might be surprised at this list

I’m the first to admit I don’t understand the hoopla over Girls (Sex and the City was more my era), but I admire how Lena Dunham handles the world’s obsession over her body

One way to induce kids to eat more nutritious foods like vegetables is to get them cooking. Here are some really smart tips from food experts for teaching kids knife skills

My guy definitely knows how to wield a knife, though so far it isn’t exactly getting a lot of use with things he’ll eat. He’s happy to chop mushrooms, but not a one ever makes it to his mouth. Wonder if he’d try this fruit salsa invented by a bunch of middle schoolers.

A big help in strengthening self-esteem comes from seeing yourself reflected in pop culture. If you page through fashion magazines and don’t see anybody with familiar hair, skin tone, or body type, it’s hard to feel satisfied with your looks. Photographer Anastasia Garcia has made a specialty of “creating inclusive fashion imagery that celebrates women of varying shapes/sizes/and ethnicities.” I think she’s awesome.

Is one of these common excuses keeping you from success? 

These days I kinda hate running. I used to enjoy it, how strong I felt with the wind in my hair, but now I’ve got Old Lady Knees and running hurts. I haven’t gone faster than a trot since last summer. Given that research shows I could add seven hours to my life for every hour of lackadaisical running, I may have to reconsider.

I’d definitely run to the supermarket, if there were cats

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