Candy, Candy Everywhere

By Shani Petroff

There are some activities I don’t have any trouble doing in moderation. For instance, I don’t drink a lot, and I’m not a big shopper (with the exception of maybe books). However, when it comes to some other things—i.e. food, TV, and reading—I have trouble stopping.

If I start a series on Netflix, I want to watch all the episodes at once. When I pick up a book, I want to keep reading. And when I have a food (especially sweets) I like, it’s sometimes hard for me not to finish it all.

I’m working on striking a balance. I’m not giving up TV, sweets, or books, nor should I have to, but I also don’t want them controlling my life. Sure, there are exceptions. An occasional all-night reading fest is fine (on vacation I’m all about reading, reading, reading), but when I’m on a work deadline, dropping everything to finish a book I started isn’t smart. And if I’m trying to be healthy, not watching my portions can be detrimental.

So, I’ve been working hard to not go overboard in any of these areas.

I’ve been doing pretty well—only now, I’m in a den of temptation.

My apartment is filled with bags and bags of candy.

I’m going to the BookExpo, and as a giveaway I have tiny gauze bags filled with a sticker of my latest book and candy.

I have 600 of them!

They’ve been in my apartment for more than a week. (Worse, I found out my publisher only wants a fraction of them, which means they will live in my home even longer.)

It’s been a test of wills for me.

It’s not candy I normally go for (I made sure not to pick my favorites). It’s the sugary kind (Skittles, Swedish Fish, etc.), and I’m more of a chocolate girl, but I still like it—and it’s still very tempting!

So the question comes down to, do I like it enough to spend my SmartPoints® Budget on?

Every time I reach for one, I ask myself that question.

A few times the answer has been yes—and I’ve had some Twizzlers—and tracked them.

Most of the time, it’s been no.

I want to develop healthy eating habits, I want to not be at the mercy of cravings, I want to have will power, and each day (even with setbacks—which I try to take as learning experiences), I’m getting a little closer to my goals.

Having pounds and pounds of candy in my apartment is not something I want to do every week, but it’s been nice to see that I can have the sweets there, and not have huge quantities disappear. That wouldn’t always have been the case.

I still have ways to go, but I’m definitely chocking this experience up to a nice non-scale victory (NSV)!

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