Bye-Bye Lyft, Hello MXM

I think I’m a-gonna cry-y.

(For what it’s worth, taken with the title, that was an Everly Brothers reference. I’m not actually a-gonna cry-y.)

So, some big news. I got a job at Meredith Xcellerated Marketing (MXM). A real, full-time, feel-like-an-adult-again kind of job. With a salary and benefits and everything. And a surprising number of sick days. I’m trying not to think of it as a harbinger of anything, but I have 30 sick days. That seems like an excessive number.

Regardless, that’s not even the best part — it’s a 15-minute commute from my apartment. For those of you who don’t live in Los Angeles, that’s like going to your local bar only to find out that you’re being treated to a secret performance by David Bowie or George Michael or Prince or some other musical genius that passed away this year. To put it in perspective, the last place I interviewed at was 35 minutes away during non-rush-hour circumstances. And everything they’ve ever said about L.A. traffic is true.

In addition, it’s near a lot of great lunch spots. This means that I can start walking to and from lunch. I’m actually very psyched for that. I also hear that the office park includes Symantec, which has a dining room we’re allowed to purchase meals from. Really — 30 sick days?

I may even start walking to and from work (may). The truth is, and I know I mentioned this as I made my initial transition from New York to L.A., walking to work is exceptionally unappealing to me. Not only do I have no interest in waking up a full hour early, but I also don’t really like the thought of arriving at my office covered in perspiration. On the flip side, driving my car to work and then walking home is just silly. Maybe there’s a bus.

But it also means more structure in my life. Hitting the gym after work (rather than now, which, despite my best intentions has been a lot more hit or miss, since the incentive to leave the apartment at all is iffy, at best), for example. Having specific weekend days to do things like hiking. I was even thinking I may go skiing this winter. We’re finally getting precipitation in California and I may want to take advantage of that. I can see snow-covered peaks in the distance when I’m driving sometimes. At least I assume it’s snow. I suppose it could just be white foliage, though that’s about as silly as leaving my car at work.

Maybe I’ll take a Lyft to work some days and then walk home. I can’t tell if that’s a weird idea or not. So many of mine tend to be, I’ve lost perspective.

Regardless, feel free to reach out and congratulate me. Given, I’m not sure how you could do that. I suppose you could write me at my new office. Or stalk me there. I think I’d prefer the former.

And for those of you in the L.A. area who had been hoping to be randomly paired as my Lyft passenger, don’t lose all hope. I’ll probably still drive to pick up extra cash when I need it. I know you all put that in your notes to Santa, so take heart. Maybe he heard you. Yes, while I no longer actually believe in Santa, I do fully believe that you all write notes to him. See? Weird ideas.

Talk to you soon.

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