Buy Me Some Peanuts?

By Debbie Koenig

My family boasts some pretty rabid Mets fans. One of my brothers used their team colors at his wedding! That same brother is about to have a milestone birthday, so where else would we celebrate but at Citi Field? I went to many a game as a kid when the Mets played at Shea Stadium, but this’ll be my first time at their new (if you consider 2009 “new”) ballpark.

One big difference at the 21st century ball game: The food. My memories are of popcorn, peanuts, ice cream, and soda (I grew up kosher, so we skipped the hot dogs), but today’s offerings have become so varied that preseason eating guides appear annually. I’ve been scouting the menus to plan ahead with my SmartPoints® budget, and it’s making me nervous. Shmancy as it is, the food still leans heavily towards junk — just upscale junk like high-end fried chicken sandwiches, burgers, and Neapolitan-style pizza.

I’m sure I could make one of those work, and in the end I just might. That’s the beauty of Weight Watchers, no? We can eat anything, as long as we account for it. But it turns out I won’t be forced to indulge — that decision will remain mine. See, I’ve also dug up some surprisingly healthy-seeming options. It looks like as long as I’m willing to walk to the other side of the stadium, I’ll find sushi, soft tacos, Italian deli salads, and even a produce stand! None of these stands post detailed menus online so I won’t know for sure until I get there, but I’ll definitely take the walk. Hey, maybe it’ll be enough to earn some FitPoints®. And if none of those healthy options rings my bell, well, I’ll still plan for a bit of a splurge. That fried chicken sandwich does look pretty good.

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