Bulk Eating

By Shani Petroff

There’s bulk buying where people go to the store and pick up giant packs of paper towels, toilet paper, and laundry detergent. I find I’m a bulk eater. I start eating something, and I wind up chowing down on a lot of it. However, if I want to keep losing weight, I have to be careful with my snacking selections. So here are my go-to bulk foods:

Fruits & Vegetables
These items are my staples. I happen to be a big fan of produce. Bananas, berries, oranges, grapes, roasted veggies, raw carrots, and boiled cauliflower are some major foods for me. I can have a lot for 0 or just a few SmartPoints® value (The SmartPoints value come in with the oil for the roasted veggies. And I also count some of if I make banana/strawberry ice cream (blending the two together until they are creamy enough to eat with a spoon.) It’s not quite a liquid or a smoothie — but it’s not like eating regular fruit either, so depending on how much I have I assign it some of my SmartPoints budget.)

So many different flavors of yogurt are available now. My most recent purchase included the Greek fat-free key lime pie flavor. The whole thing was 2 SmartPoints value. It’s a really decent size for a small portion of my SmartPoints budget. It doesn’t make me feel guilty if I eat two or even three. When I mix in some fresh fruit, it’s even more filling. It helps keep me away from the junk food and on track!

Ice pops
They are a sweet treat that doesn’t take up many SmartPoints value. Depending on the type, I can have ten pops for 5 SmartPoints value (but definitely check — because if you choose the wrong brand that can be 23 SmartPoints value or more!). I don’t remember ever eating that many popsicles, but I almost always have more than one, and it’s nice to know that I won’t mess up my eating for the day when I do.

Turkey slices and eggs
I’m always trying to get more protein in and munching on turkey slices or a big plate of egg whites (with veggies) is filling, low in SmartPoints value, and lets me feel like I’m eating more than just a snack—more like a mini-meal. 

Size matters
I like seconds. So I find if I use a smaller container or plate, I wind up eating less. Two small plates is a lot better than two big plates worth of food! I also find I eat less when I actually use a dish or bowl. When I eat straight from the container (i.e. an ice cream pint), I eat the whole thing. If I dish it out, I tend to think twice about how much food I’m actually consuming.

Anything healthy you like to snack on in bulk? You can find me on Connect @shani! 

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