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Brunch Buddies
Gather your family to prepare this simple-yet-special spread that’s perfect for any lazy Sunday.
Published April 25, 2016

Weekends mean togetherness, and what better place to kick off the family fun than in the kitchen? Gathering to create an easy, elegant brunch gives you and your pajama-clad crew the chance to catch up after a busy week and then enjoy the midday meal you’ve all pitched in on. Our menu’s got something for everyone: fluffy, lemony pancakes; a savory quiche; and an exotic (but still enticing) fruit salad. Best of all, with the whole family helping, most of the work will be done before you’ve had your second cup of coffee.

Kids in the kitchen

Even the little ones can pitch in with prep. You know your children’s capabilities best, so consider these to-do lists a jumping-off point:

With supervision, little kids
(ages 2 to 5) can:
■ Gather ingredients
■ Whisk together the flour mixture
■ Mix  fruit salad
■ Fold napkins and
place silverware
Ages 10 and up
can do any of the preceding, plus:
■ Whip egg whites for pancakes
■ Cook pancakes
■ Prepare sausage
and onion
■ Load the dishwasher
Slightly older
kids (ages 5 to 10) Can also:
■ Separate eggs
■ Juice limes
■ Chop fruit
■ Set out dishes and glasses
Which leaves you to:
■ Fold egg whites into pancake batter
■ Assemble and bake the quiche
■ Bask in the pleasure
of family time

Make it Festive

Turn an ordinary brunch into an impromptu party with a few extra touches:

  • Along with the fruit salad, set out alternative toppings for the pancakes (note that some of these may add PersonalPoints™ values): powdered sugar, defrosted and warmed frozen wild blueberries or strawberries, lemon curd, fat-free whipped topping, or even good old maple syrup.
  • Serve kid-friendly mimosas: Pour equal parts seltzer and fresh orange juice into plastic champagne glasses. The fizz delights the little ones, while the seltzer lowers your PersonalPoints values.
  • Pick up an inexpensive bunch of flowers, arrange the blossoms in small cups, jars, and bud vases, and decorate each place setting.
  • Set the table with a sunny tablecloth and napkins.

Fluffy Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes 

Crustless Broccoli and Sausage Quiche 

Tropical Fruit Salad with Lime and Mint