Binge-Watching “Connecting with Oprah”

By Kara Richardson Whitely, author of Gorge

I have a confession to make: I’ve been binge-watching “Connecting with Oprah.”

Have you seen it? I’m just in love with this beautifully produced series designed to spark inspiration and connection during our Weight Watchers journey. Oprah’s intimate talks are interspersed with real members — and shout-outs to real member successes. And I have to tell you: It’s awesome.

It starts with “Define Your Vision,” to help you determine the life you want to claim for yourself. This is something that goes way, way Beyond the Scale. The video was terrific and it was a wonderful opportunity to sit and meditate on the question: What do I really want?

The answer was simple: To live a bold life full of love and well-being for me and my family. I envisioned myself on a hike I’m planning with my husband at Havasu Falls later this year. I pictured taking my family on an adventurous Hawaiian vacation. But in all of these images in my mind, I was active and free, something that was hard to do when weight was holding me back. I know I am not alone in thinking of Oprah as a mentor and voice of empowerment, long before she was part of the Weight Watchers team.

Her television show was my daily dose of inspiration. But one of my favorite productions was her very own Master Class on OWN, when she spoke about her experience with The Color Purple. I still get chills thinking about it and how her love for this story ultimately manifested in her role in the movie. Sometimes when I get down or feel misdirected, I watch that clip to turn myself around.

The lessons she teaches us and the introductions to Weight Watchers success stories are so powerful. You can imagine how helpful her video about “Failure is Your Teacher” is to me. I had a few days when I was off track trying to get projects done and forgetting all about my life. At the end of the mayhem, I was happy to be finished with the work but disgusted with myself.

As I heard Oprah’s voice, almost like a personal life coach, echoing, “You get as much from your setbacks as you do the days when you are all on point,” I started to remember that failure is part of this long-haul journey. She reminded me to “Get still. Figure out what the next move is and do it.”

And that’s exactly what I needed to hear this week. As you continue on the program, you’ll hit roadblocks. This series gives me time to take a breather, reflect, and keep my head in the game.

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