Beginner Yoga

By Kara Richardson Whitely, author of Gorge

I had yoga on my calendar for several weeks but I hadn’t actually gone to the class. I’m not sure why but Sunday morning activities had a way of getting in my way of getting to class. OK, OK, I know…. I just wasn’t getting myself to yoga even if it was on my schedule.

But I came to realize that yoga is a very important part of my well-being. It makes me feel stronger — physically and emotionally. Even when I hiked Kilimanjaro, it was yoga that helped me set an intention to succeed on the mountain. All the breath work made me feel in control even when there was half as much oxygen in the air up on Africa’s highest peak than at sea level. But even off the mountain, yoga — when I’m doing it regularly — is a tool to help me relax, be still in the ever-moving life as a working mother and wife with three little kids.

kara daughter - yoga
So with my oldest at a sleepover, my youngest heading out for a jog with my husband, this past Sunday morning I decided to buck up, pack my yoga mat, gather my workout gear, fill up my water bottle, and get myself to class.  I left on time, with my 4-year-old daughter Emily, who loves the childcare at our gym.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself but when we arrived at the YMCA, there were flashing lights everywhere. People who were in the pool were standing outside in the freezing cold with blankets around them as they waited. Apparently, there was smoke in the building and everyone had to get out while the Summit Fire Department investigated. Everything was fine, no one was hurt, but it took a good 20 minutes to check everything out.

While my daughter wanted to stick around and watch the fire trucks, this was my only time for yoga and I had an idea.

We went back home and I decided we could do it together.  I rolled out my yoga mat and made a mat for her.

At first we tried an on-demand adult yoga class but she proclaimed that was boring. But then, after a quick YouTube search, I discovered Cosmic Kids. The instructor Jaime does a masterful job of telling a fun story while teaching yoga moves. There were lots of fun choices: Alice in Wonderland, Christmas, and more. We settled on the Frozen version

It wasn’t the relaxing, Ohm kind of yoga, but it felt great to introduce Emily to the world of yoga and finally get it in — even just a little bit — into my Sunday schedule.

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