Back to Basics

By Kenneth Selke

As January 2017 came to an end, I realized that it’s a great time to check in and evaluate my progress. I treat it as a “checkpoint,” an opportunity to take a good, long look at how things are progressing so far in terms of my resolutions and goals for this New Year. Am I hitting the small goals I set for myself? Celebrating my victories, no matter how big or small? What changes do I need to make now to make positive progress in my weight-loss efforts?

So far this year, I have become aware of just how much I enjoy the SmartPoints® plan, and why it works so well for me. During the first three weeks of the month, I was tracking every bite, lick, and taste. The result was that every single week, I lost weight. This past week, however, we had several special events pop up, I slacked on tracking, and guess what? I experienced my first gain of 2017, and I own it completely! To add insult to injury, because I didn’t track, I can’t identify where my week went awry. Tracking isn’t just for making sure you’re staying on track for the day, it’s also a record that you can always look back on. You never know when you might hit a plateau, and want to find out what you were eating during a period of success. I’ve been there quite a few times, and looking back at my old trackers or in the app allows me to do so.

When I think of where I want to be a year from now, five, or even ten years from now, I know that the small steps I implement today will add up to my success. One small step my wife, Erin, and I have taken together is getting back into hiking. It allows us to enjoy the beauty of the central coast of California, while also earning FitPoints® in a way that we both enjoy. The weather this year hasn’t really allowed us to hike much, but last weekend, there was a small break in the storm parade, and we were able to head into San Luis Obispo and hike up a trail called “Bishop’s Peak.” We’ve hiked this trail a few times now, however this time was unique. The rain we’ve received here in California has transformed our landscape, creating surreal scenery and views I’ll never forget. The pictures don’t do it justice!

As my journey continues, I’ll keep trying new things along the way, especially with the rest of a new year ahead of us, but at the end of the day, I know that to be successful and to feel fulfilled, I can stick to the basics and realize success. Tracking the food I eat, incorporating activity, and being mindful will always steer me in a positive direction, and allow me to lead my life in a way that I choose.

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