Away From Home

By Shani Petroff

I had a great week, I was traveling, visiting family, and getting some away time. As in any of my trips, food was involved. I really wanted a successful week when it came to my eating. However, being away from home, I had some concerns. Would I overindulge? Would I stick with the program? Would I come back heavier than when I left?

I definitely didn’t want to gain during this vacation, and I was determined to stick to the plan. I’m happy to report that I succeeded! I stayed within my SmartPoints® Budget, didn’t deprive myself, and had a wonderful time.

So what made this trip different from some I’ve had in the past?

  1. Support system. I was with a couple of people who were on the Weight Watchers program. They didn’t push food on me and helped pick places that had healthy options. This didn’t mean there wasn’t temptation or that I wasn’t faced with a lot of food choices—I was. However, I had people who supported me and my efforts. 
  2. Ordering ahead. A couple of times we planned to order food to go. I’d make sure to look at the menu when I wasn’t hungry. It helped me keep the junk food/fried food cravings at bay. I chose things like salmon kabobs, a salad with seared tuna, and other low SmartPoints value foods. By the time I was hungry and ready to eat, my food was there and there was no opportunity to order that side of onion rings, etc.
  3. Just a taste. Ice cream and frozen yogurt are huge temptations for me. I’m also pretty bad when it comes to portion control when it comes to these cool treats. So when we took my niece and nephew out for self-serve frozen yogurt, I didn’t get a cup. Instead, I just took a couple of samples, and then stepped away from the machine.
  4. Stepping away. We visited many restaurants, which meant many opportunities for dessert. I sat at the table while everyone had frozen yogurt, and I was fine. Once the bill was paid, and people started eating, I wasn’t going to change my mind and go get some myself. It would have held everyone up, I would have still been eating when people wanted to leave, and I hate being an inconvenience. However, when junk food appeared at the place I was staying, that was harder. One night everyone had a bowl of ice cream. I didn’t have extra SmartPoints to spare, and even if I did, it wasn’t how I wanted to spend them (I wanted to save them for the restaurants). So, knowing I might give in to the temptation, I moved away from the scene. While everyone ate the ice cream, I returned an email, looked at the Weight Watchers app, played on Facebook. By the time I was done, the ice cream was put away. I felt good that I didn’t cave, and I didn’t feel the need to get any later.
  5. That I-did-it feeling. The first time I passed on the frozen yogurt felt really good, and it made me want to do it again. Each time I successfully navigated a temptation I didn’t truly want, I felt like I accomplished something. I liked the feeling, so re-creating it became a habit I worked to enforce! It definitely helped me stick to the program and have a successful week.

How do you stay on track when you’re away? You can find me on Connect @shani!

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