Keeping On Track For Valentine's Day

Tips for keeping your health and weight loss goals during the candy filled holiday

By Shani Petroff

Valentine’s Day: Romance. Flowers. Dates. Candy.

For some love is in the air, for others heartache, and for some of us gobs of heart-shaped chocolate.

When I stop by Walgreens, CVS, the grocery store, the big-box stores, etc., I can’t escape the plethora of holiday-themed junk food waiting to be bought and devoured.

So I’m trying to figure out ways to get past the temptation.


5 Tips To Avoid Eating Too Many Sweets on Valentine's Day


Shop on a Full Stomach. I know everyone says it — don’t go food shopping when you are hungry. But it’s true! And the same applies to drugstores too. Even if I’m just picking up a box of tissues or a greeting card, I still have to walk by all of the candy. My will power is better if I’m not thinking about how hungry I am.

Make It a Single Serving. Want candy? Have candy. But let’s be smart about it. I personally can’t have a full bag of chocolate in the house, because I eat the whole thing. I know myself, and I’m better off paying a little extra and buying one piece of really good chocolate than tearing into a giant heart-box filled with dozens of them. And one piece won’t put me over my SmartPoints® Target!

Remind Yourself of Your Limit! Just because I don’t want to get chocolate as a gift doesn’t mean others don’t. My book, Romeo & What’s Her Name, comes out very soon. The cover has hearts and roses on it and is about love. So as a little gift to the people who worked on the book, I bought long-stemmed chocolate roses — one for each person. It’s about 6 or so SmartPoints value. (I couldn’t find the nutritional information for the brand I bought — but there’s a chocolate rose by a different maker listed on the app, so I figure it’s similar.) There are dozens of them sitting in my apartment right now. Yes, I had one. It was really good chocolate. And every day I fight with myself not to eat more. But I remind myself they are not for me! I bought them as a gift. If I eat them, I will not have enough to hand out. I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard — but they are still sitting there. And hopefully, I’m learning some extra self-control!

Buy Something Else. If the temptation of having candy in your house is too hard, don’t do it! No one says you have to give chocolate! There are lots of other options. In my case, I could have gotten real roses. There are little Valentine’s Day toys, stickers, etc. It’s the thought that counts! And you know whom you’re buying for — they might not want the candy temptation either.

Love Yourself. This time of year coupledom seems to be all around us. It can feel like we’re missing out if we don’t have a significant other. But it doesn’t mean we’re not lovable or important. So forget self-soothing with a box of candy. February 14 is just another day. Another day to remember how amazing you are — and how you can do anything you put your mind to. We’ve got this!

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