An Apple a Day

By Shani Petroff

It’s flu season, and a lot of people I work with are calling in sick.

I, too, was also under the weather.

I wish staying healthy was as easy as that old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

While whether I get sick again isn’t in my control, I’m doing what I can to try to avoid it.

And for me, that means focusing on healthy habits—habits that go hand in hand with my Weight Watchers goals.

I’m trying to get enough sleep. (Which as a bonus, not only keeps me energized, but also keeps me from snacking when I’m not really hungry. Often, when I’m trying to stay awake when I really want to sleep, I find myself putting food in my mouth. And usually it’s food with high SmartPoints® values. Points that I would have preferred to use another time.)

I’m drinking a lot of water and tea. I’m making a point to stay hydrated.

I’m eating foods that will give me vitamins and energy. I have a lot of fruit (including those with vitamin C), vegetables, and fish stocked in my fridge/freezer. I also have some chicken soup because whether or not it aids in keeping me physically better, mentally it gives me that I’m-going-to-feel-okay pick-me-up (a little reminder from childhood!).

I’m washing my hands more than usual. It’s always been a habit to wash my hands after the bathroom, but after grocery shopping? I didn’t always think about it. But when I’m shopping, I’m touching a cart, the railing on the steps or escalator, etc. Or when I’m on the bus or subway, I often hold on to a handle or a pole. Now after I’m out, the first thing I do is wash my hands. I’m also using a piece of paper towel or my elbow to open doors, push elevator buttons, and more.

Avoiding the nose, mouth, and eyes. This one has been tough. I never realized how much I rubbed my eyes, until I tried to stop doing it. But this along with biting your nails, wiping your nose with your hand, and so many other habits, can send a virus right into your system. It is making me aware of just how much I touch my face!

Are there any strategies you’re trying to keep away the germs and stay healthy? I would love to hear them. You can find me on Connect @shani!

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