All About ZeroPoint Foods

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Published October 19, 2021

Forget “zero” equaling “nothing.” On WW, ZeroPointTM foods are everything! These are the nutritious go-tos that have a PersonalPoints™ value of, yes, zero. Consider them the staples that will help set you up for a healthy pattern of eating. They’re (zero) heroes because:

  • They can help you get to your goal. WW clinical trials show that you can eat ZeroPoint foods without weighing, tracking, or measuring and still lose weight, no matter which categories are on your personal list.

  • They’re good for you. ZeroPoint foods were specifically chosen because World Health Organization guidelines recommend eating these foods more frequently as part of a healthy pattern of eating. Oh, and they’re delicious!

  • They come in just-for-you sizes. Sure, you could eat 12 bananas, but would you want to? Try sticking to your usual portion size (say, one banana) for starters. If you find yourself still hungry, have another one—you’ll soon figure out the right portion size for you.

  • They’re diverse. Use ZeroPoint foods as a base for creating a meal, pump up dishes by tossing in extra ZeroPoint foods, or reach for them at snack time to help you stay full and satisfied.

What’s on the List?

Once you tell us the foods you love, the WW app serves up your personalized list of ZeroPoint foods from these categories. That means your list will probably look different from your friend’s or a family member’s.

  • Avocados (NEW!)
  • Beans, Peas & Lentils
  • Brown Rice, Quinoa & Other Whole Grains
  • Poultry
  • Corn & Popcorn
  • Eggs
  • Fish & Shellfish
  • Fruits
  • Non-Starchy Veggies (more about those here)
  • Oats & Oatmeal
  • Pasta & Noodles
  • Potatoes & Starchy Veggies
  • Tofu & Tempeh
  • Yogurt & Cottage Cheese

Get the complete list here.

How ZeroPoint Foods Stack Up

Because everyone has their own ZeroPoint foods list, that means the PersonalPoints values for a recipe or meal can vary from person to person. Check out the comparison below.

The sandwich on top is upwards of 14 PersonalPoints. The sandwich on the bottom? It's literally stacked with ZeroPoint foods, so it clocks in at just 4 to 7 PersonalPoints (depending on your individualized foods list). Don’t forget, though, that both are completely fine to eat—it’s all about how you want to use your daily and weekly Budgets.

Which ZeroPoint foods are you planning to eat this week? We’ve got plenty of recipe ideas below.

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