About Those Resolutions…

Shani gives a few tips to help you not fall off on your New Year's Resolutions

By Shani Petroff

At the very start of the New Year, I am super-motivated, I am ready to take on the world, and I’m ready to be the perfect me. Then a few days go by and then a couple of weeks, and my motivation starts to lag and the excuses begin to creep back in. Well, I need to nip that in the bud. I need to fight for what I want. I need to lose what’s holding me back.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. It’s cold outside, I’m tired, I’m on deadline. Those three thoughts have popped into my head a lot as I’ve considered skipping my exercise or going over my SmartPoints® Target. Instead of listening to them, I’ve come up with reasons (or new excuses if you will) why they’re not valid. If it’s cold out, I can exercise inside. Or if I’m so tired, the cold air will wake me up. And I’m going to need a break from working to make my deadline; a walk or an exercise class will clear my mind. Plus, eating junk food makes me sluggish; making healthy choices will keep me going longer. I make myself think of these reasons when I find myself going down the rabbit hole.

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3 Tips to Avoid Failing Your Resolutions

Slow But Steady. I know it’s not realistic, but there’s still that part of me that wants to look in the mirror and abracadabra see a magical transformation in just a couple of weeks. BUT, I didn’t put the weight on in two weeks, and I can’t expect it to come off that fast either. It’s a journey, I’m learning new habits, and I can’t let myself fall off course because I’m not seeing a change at warp speed. Expecting that result will just sabotage myself. So I’m trying to appreciate the small successes—staying within my SmartPoints budget for the day, passing up the cupcake at work, walking to meet a friend instead of cabbing it, and so forth.

Changing Those Little Voices. A big resolution for me this year was getting rid of all those negative voices that creep into my head, the ones that say I’m not good enough, that no one will like me the way I am, etc., etc. I definitely want to lose the weight, but I also want to be comfortable and love myself at any size. I’ve been better at pushing aside those bad judgments, but every so often they get through anyway. I have a new book coming out next month. I was going to ask the local news station where I freelance to let me be in a segment and talk about my book. But then I decided against it. The interviews are always done on a couch, where your whole body is on camera, and I thought, I’ll wait until I lose some more weight before I ask. When I told a friend I was holding off (I left out the reason), he looked at me like I was nuts. I realized he was right. I was falling back into my bad habits, and I don’t want to do that. I want to be confident and go after what I want. So I got right up and asked the booking producer if I could be a guest on the show. I still feel self-conscious, but I’m pushing through it (and hoping that the station says yes!).

Do It Anyway. It’s easy to quit. It’s easy to make excuses. It’s easy to stay complacent. It’s easy to give up on goals. But none of that will make me happy in the long run. So I’m going to be tough with myself. Don’t want to exercise? Do it anyway. Don’t want to eat right? Do it anyway. Don’t want to go on that date or put yourself out there? Do it anyway. I know what I want, and I know what to do to get there. So I’m going to force myself to stay on track and do it!

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