earl grey coconut latte

6 Winter Drinks That Keep You Cozy When It's Chilly

Choose a beverage based on your need-to-warm-up situation

When the weather turns cold, we dream of hot beverages. There are few things more satisfying than wrapping cold fingers around a warm mug filled with a soothing drink. Coffee and tea are go-tos, of course, but some occasions call for a special treat. These are the warming winter beverages we turn to all season long.


After a brisk walk with a best friend:

An Earl Grey Coconut Latte feels like the perfect way to cap off quality time with a good friend. The coconut milk is the perfect complement to distinctive flavor of Earl Grey. Top it with a sprinkle of cinnamon for an extra pretty (and flavorful) presentation.


On a snow day with the kids:

Whether you hide indoors playing Twister or brave the elements to build a snowman, there will come a point when the whole house clamors for hot cocoa. That's where Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa comes in. Salt and fat-free caramel sauce take that familiar powder packet to the next level.


For a date night in:

Cap off the evening with a cozy dessert beverage in front of the fireplace or the Scrabble board. Rich, delicious Coconut Hot Cocoa has a slightly tropical vibe that just might inspire late-winter vacation planning.


During book club:

If the book turned out to be a dud, at least conversation can turn to the aromatic Hot Pear Cider steaming in everyone's mug. Honey, cinnamon, and cloves hit just the right winter spice notes in this dairy-free winter warmer.


Whenever you snag some "me" time:

Is there ever a wrong time for a Vanilla Chai Latte? This low SmartPoints beverage hits all the favorite flavor notes and comes together fast for an anytime treat.


After shoveling out:

Once the driveway's cleared, shake the snow off your boots and heat up a Hotter Toddy with your partner in snow removal. Between the ginger tea, lemon, and honey, you might even convince yourself it's a medicinal treat.