15 Dinners With 3 SmartPoints Value or Less

By Debbie Koenig

By my count, we’ve got roughly 15 dinners to plan carefully through the end of the year, to leave room to enjoy our holiday season to the fullest. To prepare myself, I scoured the recipe database for 15 yummy-sounding recipes that are easy enough for weeknights, filling enough for dinner, and no more than 3 SmartPoints® value each. Many take advantage of all the amazing zero Points® value options added with WW FreeStyle (check out recipes #1 and #2!). I’m not sure I’ll make all of these, but I feel a lot better knowing I have so many great possibilities.

  1. Bell Peppers with Chickpea Mash, Eggs, and Harissa (0 SmartPoints value) Packed with spice from the harissa and fiber from the chickpeas and vegetables, this looks extremely filling for ZERO points.
  2. Baked Chicken with Lemon and Fresh Herbs (0 SmartPoints value) Simple, easy, elegant: This chicken dish shows the power of zero Points. Pair with a big portion of broccoli sautéed with garlic and you’re good to go.
  3. White Chicken Chili with Salsa Verde (1 SmartPoints value) makes plenty of leftovers—perfect for easy lunches. And did I mention that it only has ONE SmartPoints value per serving?
  4. Broiled Halibut with Lemon and Herbs (1 SmartPoints value) is a great dish that’s ready in just 17 minutes.
  5. Chickpea and Spinach Stew (1 SmartPoints value) offers a Mediterranean-inflected vegetarian option that’ll keep you full for hours.
  6. Cajun Shrimp Sauté (1 SmartPoints value) looks easy enough to whip up after a day full of holiday shopping.
  7. Turkey Flatout Taco Cups (1 SmartPoints value) satisfies your yearning for Mexican flavors with just a single SmartPoints value.
  8. Stir-Fried Mango Chicken with Peppers (2 SmartPoints value) marries sweet with heat for just 2 SmartPoints value.
  9. Lemon-Sage Roast Turkey Breast (2 SmartPoints value) is fancy enough to serve at an official holiday meal!
  10. Baked Salmon Puttanesca (2 SmartPoints value) offers tons of rich flavor for just 2 SmartPoints value.
  11. Greek Frittata with Feta and Dill (2 SmartPoints value) takes full advantage of eggs’ newfound zero Points status.
  12. Apple-Braised Chicken (3 SmartPoints value) sounds absolutely perfect for this time of year.
  13. Smoked Pork Tenderloin with Cilantro Sauce (3 SmartPoints value) is sophisticated enough for company—this could make a lovely celebratory dinner. You just have to be willing to fire up the grill in colder weather.
  14. Kale Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing (3 SmartPoints value) ups the ante on a traditional spinach salad.
  15. Tortellini Soup (3 SmartPoints value) uses nothing but pantry items, and you can make it in 22 minutes!

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