Success Stories

The Success Secrets of a Stay-at-Home Mom

The kitchen called her name, but Stacey learned that caring for herself was the best gift she could give her son.

Stacey Moskoe, Meetings, Lost 51 lb*

*People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Stacey lost 51 lb on a prior Weight Watchers program and is continuing on WW FreestyleTM.

In Stacey’s words:

I’ve had a weight issue since I was in the second grade. I always felt like I was bigger than all the other girls, and that affected my self-esteem. I always put on a happy face—always the happy big girl. But I had this yearning, deep down, to fit in like everyone else. I never put a stop to what I wanted to do, but I always felt like I could be that much better if I was skinnier.

The mind shift
I’d been on and off WW over the years, but it wasn’t until I had my son, Clark, in 2013 that I discovered this new motivation to get healthy. It was no longer about vanity; it was about creating a foundation for a healthy family. I wanted to be there for my son, always. I never knew how to eat healthy, so I wanted to instill those kinds of values in him. So I joined Weight Watchers and I’ve kept moving forward.

Learning how to cook
As I started making baby food from scratch for my son, I realized that I wanted to cook fresh, whole foods for my husband and me, too. I started searching Weight Watchers cookbooks and the app for healthy recipes. And I’ve received so much inspiration from Connect. I learned how to make cauliflower rice and zoodles from there—and my family loves them!

Inspiration all week long
The meetings are wonderful since they keep me accountable, but I love that I have inspiration and guidance throughout the week with the Connect feature on the WW app. I don’t always post myself, but just reading through my feed really keeps me motivated. If I have a bad day, simply going into Connect brings me back to reality. You realize, your day isn’t that bad, you always have tomorrow, and you can start over.

The challenges of a stay-at-home-mom
Since I’m a stay-at-home-mom, I had to re-train my brain to think about what I need to do instead of eating. If I went to the pantry aimlessly during my son’s naptime, I had to say to myself, “Am I hungry? Or am I bored?” I had to tell myself, “Naptime for baby doesn’t mean snack time for Mom!” I messed up along this way, but I still stuck to it, and now I have my food under control.

Staying the course
When I walked through the door of my first Weight Watchers meeting, I told myself, “Never give up.” I don’t pressure myself. If I slip up, I learn from it. Throughout this process, I realized that putting myself first was important. Each morning, I take 15 minutes to read a devotion and meditate before my day starts. This short time helps me gather my thoughts before the day begins, and that makes me a better mom. I’m healthier than ever, both mentally and physically—sometimes I have to pinch myself just to remember it’s real.

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