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Our best weight loss programme ever!

Looking for weight loss inspiration? Find out why our members think the WW programme is one of the best ways to lose weight and encourage long-term healthy habits.

For 56 years, WW has helped millions of people around the world to not only lose weight, but keep weight off for good.

Firmly rooted in science, the WW programme is proven to help people lose weight, and improve their health and wellbeing.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our members have to say:

Kirsty: "Five months after joining my local WW Workshop, I reached my goal weight for the first time in all my years of trying."

Nadia: “I wanted to lose more weight to ensure I felt and looked my absolute best on my wedding day. So, I decided to stick to what I knew best – WW. By the time I came to have my first dress fitting, I had lost a further one and half stone, and had to have my dress taken in, which was an amazing feeling.”

Fiona: “It’s truly helped change my life for the better. We have a great community of support online and it’s a great way of making new friends to share our journeys with.”


Freedom & flexibility with WW


At WW, we're all about enjoying food with freedom - for example, you can still eat out and have dessert.

Just take our success stories, for example. Our members may be in different stages of their lives, but the flexibility and simplicity of our programme works for all of them.

Our healthy lifestyle plan is flexible, liberating and above all – realistic. Nothing's off the menu, and with ZeroPoint™ foods you don't have to weigh, track or measure, there’s more choice and less tracking. 

Sound too good to be true? It may only sink in once you’ve lost half a stone without going hungry in the process!

Weight loss & wellness motivation


We want to help you be the healthiest version of yourself.

To do this, we encourage you to eat better, shift your mindset and move more. 

Here's how we keep you motivated:

  • Browse 1000+ recipes online and in the app so you'll never be stuck for ideas 
  • Quickly & easily track your food, weight and activity on our handy app. Plus, scan barcodes for speedy tracking and chat to our Online Coaches 24/7
  • Sit down with a cuppa every Sunday and scroll through our member-exclusive newsletter 
  • Join our private, social community Connect, or be part of our positive Instagram community
  • Bookmark the Healthy Living hub for tips, articles, recipe collections, WW updates and more
  • Track to earn 'Wins' which add up to FREE rewards on our one-of-a-kind WellnessWins™ rewards programme
Fantastic support


WW has always been about community, ever since Jean Nidetch founded the organisation back in 1963.

When you join WW, you become part of a huge global community working towards the same goal: creating healthy habits for life. 

As the company has grown and transformed, we've ramped up the support we offer our members, both in person and online. 

In your Workshops, you’ll get guidance and support from your very own WW Coach, plus support from like-minded members.

Find a WW Workshop near you 

Digital only? Reach out to thousands of members in our online Connect community. Share photos, videos, recipe ideas, or just chat and be inspired. 

Ready to start your own success story? Choose your plan here, and say hello to a healthier, happier you.