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WW blog: ‘Souper’ mum Stacey talks warming soups for winter

Because is there anything better than coming home to a heart-warming soup bubbling away on the stove?
"I love that my son Leo is growing up with a healthy mindset"

Stacey was following WW Freestyle™ (now Blue on myWW™) at the time of writing.

Hi, my name is Stacey aka @mamabear_wwuk and I’ve been a WW Gold member since February 2018 after losing 28lbs at my meeting in Spondon, Derby with my fabulous WW Coach Kelly.

I am taking over the WW blog this week to talk to you about #Soup as it is… Souptember!


Warming soup for colder months


Now that summer is over and the cold nights are drawing in, this is when I really get back into making delicious and hearty homemade soups.

With WW I love the wide variety of ZeroPoint™ foods there is to choose from. 

Loads of these zero heroes can be blitzed into soups, which make for tasty, filling and warming meals during the colder months – and they’re great for the whole family too.

I buy all my fresh meat and vegetables from a fantastic family run local butchers called Greedy Pigs in Spondon. They are brilliant as they sell extra lean meat and sausages, perfect for any WW member.

One of my favourite soups is leek, potato and broccoli. It’s quick and easy to make too – I use a head of broccoli, one leek and 4 SmartPoints® worth of potatoes. I add a vegetable stock cube and enough water to cover everything and simmer until all ingredients are soft. I then blitz it with a hand blender.

This makes a deliciously thick soup, and at only 2 SmartPoints per serving it’s incredibly filling. I usually complement it with a slice of WW malted Danish bread for 1 SmartPoint.

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Versatile and easy to store


The great thing about soups is you can get really adventurous with them – by mixing in lots of different vegetables, or adding your favourite meat, or sprinkling herbs and spices or chilli flakes if you want that extra kick. Or, if you're like me, keep it simple with a generous dusting of black pepper.

I always make a big pan of soup so that I can save portions in the fridge, or even freeze for a later date. I recommend getting yourself plenty of Tupperware containers or Pour & Store soup bags. WW also stock a soup mug which is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe that could be useful for storage and/or taking to work.


Some of my favourites…


Sometimes I enjoy a simple tomato soup, especially if my salad tomatoes have become too soft. Likewise, if there are veggies in the fridge which need eating, I’ll throw them into a mixed vegetable soup.

Of course, it’s not always possible to make my own soup. If I’m in a hurry and want a tin of soup, I’ll grab a WW tomato soup. At just 1 SmartPoints value for the whole tin, it’s a life and time saver!

Another favourite soup of mine is chicken and vegetable. I make this using one chicken breast cut into small chunks. I then add tinned tomatoes and whatever vegetables I have in the fridge – things like peppers, onions, green beans, mushrooms, leek and carrots. Then, I add a tin of Asda mixed bean salad which is full of healthy pulses. I simmer until everything is soft and serve this soup chunky.


WW has changed my life


My son Leo, who is 2 years old, loves all the WW friendly meals I make, which is great. I love that Leo is growing up with a healthy mindset and enjoying lots of delicious healthy meals and a wide variety of foods. When I took these photos, Leo was desperate to get his hands on the soup right away!

I love WW because it has changed my life and I now have a much healthier lifestyle, which is very important to me since becoming a Mama to Leo.

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