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WW blog: Colette talks spag bol and hearty soups as temperatures start to dip

Feast your eyes on our #ComfortFood special.

Hi, I’m Colette @backtogold_wwuk and I’m a 37-year-old mum of two. My husband works shifts, which means we rarely eat at the same time. Preparation is key in our house to ensure we stay on track!

Comfort Food has always been my favourite kind of food. Maybe that’s why I’m a WeightWatcher! With WW, I’ve learnt how to adapt my favourite kind of foods into healthier, SmartPoints®-friendly versions.

So, as the tail-end of Hurricane Florence hit the UK, after what has been a wonderfully hot and long summer, I’ve certainly felt the urge to dig out my slow cooker. 

As the nights start drawing in, my thoughts during my 45-minute journey home from work are consumed by food. It doesn’t matter that I’m driving through the beautiful Derbyshire dales! Ashbourne’s famous fish and chips are the last thing I smell as I get into my car – talk about testing my willpower! However, preparation and determination keep me out of those doors.

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Every Sunday evening, once the kids are in bed, I reach for my WW cookbooks and magazines, open the WW app and squiggle in my journal. Using all these resources, I plan our meals for the week, making sure to keep them varied so we never get bored – with the exception of my favourite spaghetti bolognese, which I add to the menu every week. (My top tip? Add a tablespoon of Worcester sauce, delicious!). The menu goes onto my chalk board and we are set for another week!

Coming home to the smell of the slow cooker, knowing I can prepare, cook and eat a chicken traybake an hour later is such a relief. Similarly, knowing that I can warm up a chilli that I batch-cooked and just need to re-heat is key to staying on track and making sure dinnertime fits around our lifestyles.

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Comfort foods for me is all about warming, hearty foods. They don’t have to be overflowing with SmartPoints either – I make sure our favourite comfort foods are full to the brim with veggies, packed with goodness and flavour, and filling too!

Soups are a win-win at this time of the year. There are plenty of great soup recipes on the app, and homemade soup not only tastes delicious but can also save pennies and SmartPoints too. Having said that, my cupboard always has a few tins for those days when time isn’t on your side, or you simply want to wrap up in a blanket and relax! Jacket potatoes work very well on these days too!

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Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly no chef, but I do enjoy cooking. My mum always told me that you don’t need to be a chef to follow a recipe! Hence why I own every cookbook WeightWatchers have ever published! Making healthy food that I actually want to eat keeps me away from the chip shop – 99% of the time anyway!