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Hit the hay for World Sleep Day!

The sleep-weight connection is real: getting better zzz's affects almost everything in our bodies, from our brain to our heart to our metabolism. March 19 is World Sleep Day, and we’re celebrating by giving you all the tools you need for a good night’s sleep. Time to dive under the covers!

Overcome sleep roadblocks

Forget counting sheep. Our innovative sleep tools in the WW app help you pinpoint and understand the roadblocks to your sleep, then overcome them. Here’s how:

  • Find time to wind down with soothing meditations and restorative stretches - it's all at your fingertips in the WW app.
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  • Our sleep tracker shows you the patterns in your routine and where there’s room for improvement, giving you the power to make healthy changes.
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  • You can create a nighttime routine in the app, and we’ll even send you bedtime reminders to help you get enough shut-eye! We'll also deliver simple, sleep-better strategies to help you reach your goals.

  • Earn 'Wins' for reflecting on your sleep after you track it as part of our WellnessWins™ programme. Rack up Wins, then redeem them for awesome rewards. You snooze, you Win!

Dream a little dream of these products

When it comes to restful shut-eye, your environment is key. We’ve stocked our WW Shop with superstar products from Scentered to help you create a calming space, including a Sleep Well Set, a Sleep Essentials Kit, and Mindful Aromatherapy Mini Balms.

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