Beauty & Fashion Q&A with Sabrina from A Little Obsessed

Meet Sabrina, otherwise known as A Little Obsessed. She is a popular blogger with an obsession (as the title suggests) with all things beauty and fashion – using her blog to share her beauty and fashion experiences, tips, tricks, reviews, recommendations, to help women achieve the best looks whatever the budget.

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Q. When did your interest in fashion and beauty begin?

A. My love for fashion and beauty started as a young teenager, I use to love reading magazines just to see what celebrities were wearing.


Q. When did you decide to become a beauty and fashion blogger?

A. Just before going to university I found blogging, it was right at the beginning, when people were just to beginning to write blogs but I was hooked straight away.


Q. How do you stay up to date with the latest fashion and beauty trends?

A. So many fashion and beauty trends start from what bloggers/ people on the street are wearing that I don't look anywhere else.


Q. What were your first impressions when seeing the #WomanKind video?

A. I was actually quite shocked by it, I think most people view being nice to others as something that is very important but don't even think about being kind to themselves, it's not really something I've ever thought much about.


Q. What does the term ‘WomanKind’ mean to you?

A. Being supportive and loving to everyone around you, including yourself. Everyone is fighting their own battle, some are big and some are small but everyone needs that little bit of extra support and positivity, including ourselves.


Q.  Do you feel that women put themselves under too much pressure and why?

A. I think most women have a view of what they should be like and concentrate too much on the fact that they may have failed rather than looking on a positive way to move forward.


Q. 85% of women would like to be kinder to themselves in 2016 – how do you think they could do this?

A. Be conscious of your thoughts, if you wouldn't say it to someone else then stop telling yourself it. Work hard on achieving your goals without putting yourself down.


Q. Who really inspires you and why?

A. I don't really have one person that inspires me, I try to find inspiration everywhere from newspapers and blogs to people I meet in my everyday life.


Q. What would be your advice for women looking to develop a positive relationship with themselves?

A. I really believe you create your own happiness, stop dwelling on the negatives and start thinking more about accentuating the positives.


Q. What are your aims for 2016?

A. Probably the same as everyone else but I want to be a better person then I was last year. I would love to travel, exercise more and be nicer to people, pretty cheesy I know.



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