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5 easy ways to declutter your life

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned clear out to blow away the cobwebs. But don’t just focus on tidying your house – declutter your head and heart as well as your home.
1. Roll with it


When you’re on a weight-loss journey, it can be tempting to keep hold of your bigger clothes in case you yo-yo, but doing so can really undermine your self-belief. Be strict – only keep clothes you haven’t worn in ages if they make you feel happy or help motivate you, like the dress you wore on your honeymoon, or a pair of jeans you’re hoping to get into.


2. Focus on positive people


Getting rid of negative friendships can feel harsh, so prioritise spending time with people who nourish and support you instead. That way, the right friendship balance will fall into place. But if you want to move away from a particular friend, there’s no need to have a confrontation – just stop actively pursuing the friendship, and try not to feel obliged to suggest meeting up.


3. Leave the car at home


People who travel by bike, public transport or on foot feel calmer and more clear-headed than those who drive, according to research. That’s because you get a chance to switch off for a bit and take a time out for yourself. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to earn a few extra FitPoints®.


4. Make your home happier


Go through your things, one by one, and ask yourself whether each item brings you joy. If it doesn’t, say goodbye to it. You’ll soon feel uplifted by only being surrounded by things that bring you cheer.


5. Be honest


Improve relationships and make them simpler by having open and honest communication at all times. Avoid storing up your thoughts and feelings, as they can make you think negatively and feel bad. Instead, clear the air whenever you can so you can focus on your journey.