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WellnessWins™ Tier 2 reward

Personalised Key Fob

Personalised Key Fob

No more key mix ups with this fob attached. Customise it, make it your own and there goes any confusion! Moulded from high quality TPU with high quality satin finish fixtures. While stocks last.

Image of personalised key fob with case

How to Redeem

  1. Visit https://wwrewards.givftstation.com/product/personalised-key-fob/
  2. ]Click 'Design Now!'
  3. Create your key fob using the online design tool
  4. Checkout and add your unique coupon code in the box provided, click 'apply coupon'
  5. Fill in your personal details in to receive your order confirmation email
Image of personalised key fob on chain

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