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WellnessWins™ Tier 2 reward

Digital Edition access to The Mail

Digital Edition access to The Mail

Get your hands on the digital edition of the Mail. Available on tablets, smartphones and PCs/laptops offering readers everything that’s in Britain’s best-selling newspaper and more -- Good Health features, audiobooks, podcasts and now 45 puzzles including new Sudoku Ultra and Mailword.

How to Redeem

For your £1/month for 6 month offer

  1. Visit https://www.mailsubscriptions.co.uk/ww
  2. Tap/click the blue ‘Subscribe’ button
  3. Input your voucher code and press ‘apply code’
  4. Sign in or register on the next page
  5. Continue with the normal checkout process

For your 1,500 Nectar points

  1. Visit nectar.com to create a Nectar account if you don’t yet have one
  2. Visit https://www.mymail.co.uk and login with your Daily Mail account details (email and password) used to subscribe earlier
  3. Add your Nectar card here https://www.mymail.co.uk/nectar-card-register
  4. Your 1,500 points will be added within 28 days.

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