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WellnessWins programme terms of use
WellnessWins programme description
The WellnessWins Programme allows WeightWatchers members to earn “Wins” for certain qualifying activities which can be redeemed for Rewards. There is no additional cost to participate. Wins are accrued for specific behaviours that have been identified as key drivers to success on the WeightWatchers journey. Your progress in accumulating Wins can be viewed in the WeightWatchers app.
Programme eligibility
All active members to Unlimited Workshops + Digital and Digital only are eligible to participate in the WellnessWins programme. Pay as you go members are not eligible to participate as you must have access to the WeightWatchers digital tools.
Earning Wins
  • The benefits that are available to you through the WellnessWins programme are based on the number of Wins that you earn. Wins are earned based on performing specific activities encouraged as part of the WeightWatchers programme, e.g.
  • Food tracking - track daily meals online (i.e., breakfast, lunch, dinner) and earn Wins for every tracked meal, limited to three meals per day.
  • Activity tracking - track physical activity online (i.e., yoga, jogging, swimming, etc) and earn Wins for every tracked physical activity, limited to one per day.
  • Weight tracking - track your weight online or in the App and earn Wins limited to once per week.
  • Additional activities in respect of which WellnessWins can be earned, may be added from time to time.
Redemption & Rewards
  • Rewards within the WellnessWins programme are determined by the number of Wins you accumulate in your account. You can redeem Wins for Rewards within the corresponding tier of Wins.
  • Rewards may differ based on where you are located and may include WeightWatchers merchandise, merchandise fulfilled by third party partners, and services or experiences fulfilled by third party partners.
  • Rewards are subject to availability and may be changed without notice, but any substitutions will be of comparable value.
Wins expiration
  • Earned Wins expire upon the effective date of cancellation, expiration or termination of your membership to the WeightWatchers programme. Wins will remain in your account for two weeks after cancellation, expiration or termination of your membership, but you will only be able to redeem any such Wins if you rejoin the WW programme within the two week period.
  • No returns and exchanges of Rewards
  • No returns or exchanges of Rewards shall be granted.
Termination/Modification of Programme
WeightWatchers reserves the right at any point to change or terminate any and all aspects of the programme in whole or in part, including but not limited to, the activities to earn Wins, the manner in which Wins are redeemed, and the reward levels and Rewards.
  • Wins have no cash value.
  • Wins have no purpose or use except in exchange for Rewards offered by WeightWatchers via the WellnessWins programme.
  • Redemption offers may be time-limited or available only in limited quantities.
  • Member's Wins cannot be redeemed by, sold or otherwise transferred to, any other person.
  • Wins are not valid unless earned in strict compliance with the requirements of the WellnessWins programme, and members shall not attempt to earn Wins by any means (including without limitation, by using any script, bot or other automated means) that only simulates compliance with the applicable requirements.
  • If you have any problems, issues, complaints or concerns with any of the Rewards fulfilled by a third party provider, you should address those problems, issues, complaints or concerns directly with such provider.
  • Rewards that are redeemed may be taxable, depending on the value of the item and the federal, state, and local tax laws applicable to member. Members are solely responsible for reporting such items on their tax returns and paying any associated tax liability.