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Reach your goals with Weight Watchers

At Weight Watchers, we know that wanting to lose weight can stem from a variety of personal experiences. Everybody’s got a different reason to get healthy; whether it’s for a specific health issue, wanting to look amazing in your favourite outfits, hoping to take part in that charity 5K, feeling fabulous at a big event or even just playing with your kids without losing your breath, we’re here to help. You might have one big goal, or lots of smaller ones – either way, we plan to help you reach your target!


Love what you eat

On the Weight Watchers way, we make sure you never feel deprived. Eating what you like and socialising aren’t off the table – you’ll still lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. In fact, we’ve helped millions of people just like you reach their healthy goal weight. Research shows that members lost eight times more with the Weight Watchers approach than those who tried losing on their own*. Those are numbers we like to hear – and we’d love to help you lose weight, too.


Stop the yo-yo!

We don’t believe in all those fad diets you hear about. We want you to be as excited about food as we are, eating your favourites and dropping those pounds as you go. The Weight Watchers approach will give you clever advice on how to make smart choices, so you can eat the food you enjoy every day – and indulging in a little treat now and again.

Don’t just take our word for it. Get motivated by exploring our inspirational success stories and kick off your own weight-loss journey today. If you want more support, read about the brilliant advantages of losing weight, check out our helpful weight-loss tips or discover our delicious get-healthy treats What are you waiting for?


*Johnston CA et al. A randomised controlled trial of a community-based behavioural counselling programme. The American Journal of Medicine October 2013 (Article in Press). Weight-loss data obtained at six months. Trial funded by Weight Watchers.




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