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WW or Second Nature?

Published 13 September, 2020

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Are you looking for the perfect weight loss plan to kickstart your journey to better health?

Lockdown was a tough time for everyone (understatement of the year?). It’s taken a toll on us both physically and mentally, and exclusive research commissioned by WW revealed it’s had a knock-on effect on our eating, drinking and activity habits.

Almost half of those surveyed said they ate more, one in three said they drank more alcohol, and 42% of us reckon we’ve put on weight. Additionally, almost half of us were less active during lockdown, potentially due to working from home.

The good news is that now we’re semi-back to normal, we’re ready to prioritise our health. Almost half of us want to exercise regularly, 45% of us want to lose weight and 37% of us want to boost our general wellbeing. So, where do you start?

When it comes to losing weight, everyone’s different: what works for someone else may not work for you. That’s why now have our most personalised programme ever, customised to your lifestyle and dietary preferences. We also understand that with so many weight loss companies out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.

That’s why we’ve created a comparison grid to showcase the main difference between the WW programme and Second Nature (previously OurPath) to help you understand which plan would best suit your individual needs.

How does WW (WeightWatchers) work?

In a nutshell, the WW programme focuses on small, achievable behaviour changes that help you build sustainable and long-term healthy habits.

Our science-backed programme and incredible award-winning 4.8* rated app are designed to guide you towards healthier food choices, encourage you to move more, help you sleep better and help shift your mindset to an “I’ve got this” way of thinking. We’re all about motivation, inspiration, support, community and positivity - and you’ll feel like part of the family right away.

You’ll lose weight at a healthy and sustainable rate of 1-2lb per week* until you’ve reached your goal weight. Once you’re at goal, you can choose to stay on the programme for as long as you like to maintain your healthy habits and weight. Whatever you decide, we’ll always be here to support your weight loss and wellbeing journey.

Second Nature is a three-month online programme which aims to help you create new habits and lose weight.

*Results may vary from person to person.

WW (WeightWatchers) or Second Nature?



WW member Mo: “The biggest selling point of the PersonalPoints plan is that it is totally tailored to YOU! There’s so much freedom to eat the foods you love – there’s something for everyone.”

WW member Andri: “I’ve learned that you can eat carbs and lose weight! The plans are so versatile and flexible and can fit around your everyday life, occasions and meals out.”

WW plansSecond Nature
Dietary approachYou’ll be matched to a customised food plan that fits your lifestyle to ensure following the programme is as easy as possible. You’ll also get a personalised daily points allowance, which you have the freedom to use however you like, and will naturally help guide you towards healthier choices. Nothing’s off the menu, so if you feel like dessert or a bowl of pasta, go for it! All you have to do is stay within your daily or weekly points budget. You’ll also get a long list of foods you don’t even need to track (called ZeroPoint™ foods). Depending on your the choices you make in your personal assessment, this could include chicken breast, eggs, wholewheat pasta, potatoes, smoked salmon, fruit, veg and more.The main dietary focuses of the programme are lowering your carb intake (limiting foods that provide over 15g of carbohydrate per 100g), cutting down on processed foods and added sugars, and learning to build your meals around protein, vegetables and healthy fats. You’ll be provided with broad guidelines which you can adapt to your lifestyle and preferences, including portion size guidance for carbs like pasta and potatoes. The programme limits you to three servings of complex carbs per day, for example 20g uncooked brown rice or pasta, 3 tablespoons of granola, 1 thin slice of wholegrain bread, half a medium sweet potato or 2-3 wholegrain crackers.
Caters to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-freeYesYes



WW plansSecond Nature
Length of programmeAll plans are ongoing - you can reap the many advantages of being a WW member for as long as you like! As well as helping you reach your initial weight loss goal, we’ll also help you maintain your newfound healthy habits and weight.The core programme is three months, and you can continue if you choose to.
Starting the programmeYou can get started as soon as you like! You’ll receive customised onboarding emails with a full introduction to the programme. Plus, the app has everything you need at your fingertips. Our 4.8* rated award-winning app is actually 5 apps in 1, with easy-to-use trackers, thousands of recipes, workout videos led by fitness experts, a close-knit community and an exciting rewards programme. It truly is your one-stop shop for weight loss and wellness. Introductory meetings only happen on Mondays, so you may have to wait to get started. These take place in a group of around 40 other members, who will all be starting at the same time.
Clear breakdown of costsYesYes
Free trialYes - you can get a 14 day free trial on both iOS and Android.Yes - you can get a free 5 day plan
Easy to cancelYes - you can cancel WW online using a quick and easy self-service page. Alternatively, you can chat with a real Online Coach 24/7 in the app or on the website, or call our friendly customer services team. If you wish to cancel within 14 days, you’ll get a full refund.Yes - you also get a full refund if you cancel within 14 days.
Refer a friend schemeYes - when your friend/partner/neighbour signs up, you’ll both get a free month. Sweet!Yes



WW member Manjeet: “Being a WW member is about so much more than just losing weight. It’s about the comfort of feeling like you’re part of a big community and finding the strength to stay positive – and Virtual Workshops have been fantastic for that.”

WW member Helen: “Connect is my main support system. The WW app is so much more than just a weight loss app. On Connect we encourage each other, motivate each other, laugh with each other and share our interests & recipes.”

WW member Caroline: “Joining WW was the best decision I’ve ever made. I have loads more energy and am enjoying my life again with my family and friends. I'm also insulin free and in remission [from Type 2 diabetes]. I was on cloud 9 for a week when they told me - I couldn’t stop smiling!”

WW plansSecond Nature
Expert coachingYes - you have the option of attending Workshops (in selected locations) or Virtual Workshops, which you can join from your sofa! Our Workshops are weekly sessions run by an expert WW Coach, which you’ll be joining with other friendly WW members.Yes - you get 1:1 virtual support from a certified Health Coach, but only on the Coach-led plan (see ‘Pricing’ for more details). There are no face-to-face meetings.
24/7 online chat supportYes - you can chat with a qualified WW Coach via the app or website whenever you like.No - you can only chat to a Health Coach in the app Monday to Friday. Any queries sent in the evening or at weekends will be replied to on a weekday during traditional working hours. There’s an online chatbot available on weekends, but not a real life Coach.
Live Q&A sessions about the appYes - there’s a Virtual Academy in the app to help you navigate your way around, and ask any questions you might haveNot specifically - but your Health Coach or group may be able to answer any questions you have.
Supportive online communityYes - we have a private members only platform in the app called Connect, where you can post about your journey, connect with other members and join groups based on your interests and personal journey.Yes - you get access to a digital support group. If you choose the Coach-led membership, you also get access to a group chat with the other 40 members of your group, which is facilitated by your Health Coach.
Tailors the plan around type 2 diabetesYes - the NHS has chosen to partner with WW, which means patients in the pre-diabetic range can be referred to the programme by their GP. WW members referred in this way will receive personalised support to reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, including guidance on healthy eating, weight loss (if required), physical activity and overall wellbeing. You can also self-refer using our quick and easy self-assessment to determine whether you’re at risk. Yes - in collaboration with the NHS, patients with Type 2 diabetes can be referred to the Second Nature programme.



WW member Becky: “It’s great to see my progress on the WW app – it syncs with my smartwatch to automatically keep track of my activity points. There are lots of other great features, toothat I find particularly motivating. And, of course, the recipes are fantastic!”

WW member Flora: “All my life, I've hated sport and exercise - now I’m doing five live workouts per week in the WW app! The help, support and care that WW has given us - including live experiences and Virtual Workshops - it was my lifeline during lockdown.”

WW plansSecond Nature
AppYes - our award-winning 4.8* rated app puts everything you need to succeed at your fingertips, including recipes, food, activity and sleep trackers, workouts and meditations. Check out our new and popular app features right here.Yes
RecipesYes - you have 3400+ recipes to choose from in the WW app, catering to all dietary preferences, allergies and intolerances. We also feature recipe videos in the app, on the website and on our Instagram and YouTube channels.Yes - members get access to 100+ recipes with step-by-step videos. You’ll also get an A5 recipe book through the post in your starter pack.
Extensive food databaseYes - you can track over 40,000 different foods in the app and over 6000 restaurant foods from more than 70 popular restaurant chains.Yes - there’s a recipe database in the app which is split into categories such as breakfast, cupboard staples, freezable, chicken, slow cooker, and more.
Food trackingYes - including a handy barcode scanner that lets you track packaged foods at home and in the supermarket to find out their Point value in seconds! It’s one of our members’ favourite features in the app. Yes - you get a meal planner and a food diary in the app, where you can record your meals, snacks and drinks (using photos if you like). You also get example meal plans through the post in your starter pack.
Weight trackingYesYes
Weighing scales provided?No - but you can purchase from our online WW Shop and have them delivered right to your dayYes - smart scales are provided on the ‘tech’ plan
Activity trackingYes - and you can automatically sync your existing fitness device or tracker (like your Fitbit or Apple Health) for passive activity tracking. Our app is designed to make tracking as quick and easy as possible!Yes - you can track your steps in the app. You have the option to update this to another activity if you like, such as cycling or swimming. You’ll also be provided with a step tracker device on the ‘tech’ plan. You can’t sync your Fitbit or activity device to the app.
Water trackingYesNo
Sleep trackingYes - and you can automatically sync your device for passive sleep tracking. We’ve also introduced sleep charts so you can understand your sleep patterns and progress.Yes
Workout videos in the appYes - we’ve partnered with fitness experts and industry leaders to provide a whole range of workouts in the WW app. You’ve got video workouts from obé at your fingertips, plus live workouts you can stream straight from the WW app. Many are equipment-free and all cater to varying fitness levels, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. No
Meditations in the appYes - there are mini meditations in the app which have been specially curated for WW members.No
Live experiences in the appYes - members can join live cookalongs, workouts and meditation sessions.No
Rewards programmeYes - every time you track your food, weight or activity, you earn ‘Wins’ which you can collect and redeem for a range of exciting rewards, like day spa passes, subscriptions to online cookery schools, personalised phone cases, and so much more. Our one-of-a-kind rewards programme is 100% included in your membership, which means all rewards are free!No
Education in nutrition scienceYes - each week we provide a science-backed Weekly Technique to integrate into your weight loss and wellness journey. You also have access to unlimited articles to read whenever you want. Yes - you get 12 in-app articles to read before you start the programme. Then, you get daily and weekly articles which you can track once you’ve read them. However, you’re limited to three articles per day.
Curated content in the appYes - we regularly refresh article, video, recipe and podcast content in the app, so there’s always something inspiring to read, watch or listen to! You also get a personalised to-do list in your app to help you stay focused on your goals. Yes - but you’re limited to three articles per day.



The table below shows a clear breakdown of the pricing structure for both WW and Second Nature. Thinking of signing up to WW? Check out our latest offer to get even better value for money!

Once you’ve completed three months with Second Nature (phase one), you can move into the ‘Sustain’ phase of the programme. The pricing structure - and app experience - may differ in this second phase.

WW plansSecond Nature
Digital plan - £16.95 a month (£50.85 for 3 months)Coach-led - £40 a month for a 3 month subscription
Workshop + Digital plan - £24.95 a month (£74.85 for 3 months)Self-led - £30 a month for a 3 month subscription

With each Second Nature plan, you have the option to add a ‘tech pack’ for an additional £15 per month, which includes a smart weighing scale.