Weight loss & diet

SmartPoints® tracking vs. calorie counting

Here’s why a calorie calculator may not tell the whole truth.

What’s really on your plate? Calories tell part of the story – but not all.

For instance, 100 calories worth of cookies doesn’t have the same nutritional value as 100 calories of turkey, tofu or veggies.

Calorie counting without looking at other nutrients may not result in a healthy eating pattern, which is crucial for both weight loss and reducing the risk of disease.

What are the best weight loss foods?

SmartPoints vs calories

SmartPoints give you what a calorie calculator can’t.

For example, two meals might contain the same number of calories, but have a very different SmartPoints value, as per the example below.

The sandwich (Warburton Thins with 30g wafer thin ham, salad and 1 tablespoon of reduced fat mayo) and the 120g pot of 0% fat Greek-style yoghurt adds up to 241 calories. The doughnut is also 241 calories.

However, the sandwich and yoghurt add up to 5 SmartPoints, whereas the doughnut has a SmartPoints value of 10. (These SmartPoints values are correct for the Blue plan on myWW+. SmartPoints values may differ on Green and Purple plans. Find out more about the new myWW+ programme.)

Healthy eating made simple

Our SmartPoints system drills down into complex nutritional science, and simplifies it by giving each food and drink a simple SmartPoints value: one easy-to-use number based on four components.

Calories form the baseline, sugar and saturated fat drive the number up, and protein brings it down.

It’s all based on the latest nutritional science, and gently guides you towards a healthier pattern of eating with more lean protein, fruits and veggies, and less unhealthy sugar and fats.

Your SmartPoints Budget

When you join WW, you'll be given a personalised daily SmartPoints Budget. It’s up to you how you spend them.

In addition to your daily Budget, you also have a weekly allowance for added flexibility. You can use this as a cushion if you’re going out for a meal, or just fancy a treat. You also have the option to save 4 SmartPoints per day, and roll these over into your weeklies. Find out more about rollovers.

By staying within your Budget, you’ll enjoy delicious, nutritious foods and still create the energy deficit you need for a healthy weight loss of up to 2lb per week.

With built-in flexibility, you can get on with enjoying life and the foods you love.

The WW app makes tracking simple

Our new and enhanced WW app makes tracking your food & drink quick and easy. It’s even got a built-in barcode scanner, so you know which foods to put in your trolley at the supermarket (and which to leave on the shelves).

Find out more about the WW app, and how to track.