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WW members share why they love our 4.8* rated app

From easy tracking tools to a supportive online community, the WW app can help support your wellbeing, even in challenging times.

Are you new to the WW app and want to know a bit more about how it works?

The WW app plays an important and motivational role in every member’s journey. From easy-to-use tracking tools to simple barcode scanning - not to mention a huge online community to cheer you on - there’s a whole host of reasons to love the WW app.

Plus, it means you can continue to focus on your weight loss and wellness goals without even leaving the house. Everything you need is at your fingertips, including 2000+ recipes, mini Headspace meditations and Aaptiv workouts. You can also join our NEW Virtual Workshops from the app (we're running for the foreseeable future after temporarily closing our in-person Workshops). 

Here are our members' favourite features of the app - and they may just become yours too!


Barcode scanner: 

Quick, easy and insanely useful whether you're raiding the kitchen cupboards or heading to the supermarket, our members LOVE the barcode scanner. This handy feature is great for comparing products in the supermarket, helping you make well-informed choices for your wellness and weight loss goals. 

“I love walking around the supermarket looking like a mystery shopper and scanning all the barcodes. I always see another WW member who just gives me the nod. If you know, you know!” - WW member, Lynsey 

“I'm a barcode scanner fiend. I use it on a daily basis and you can often find me down the aisles of every supermarket scanning away. This tool helps me make informative food choices on the go!” - WW member, Nikki 



With our innovative rewards programme WellnessWins, you’re always one reward away from reaching your goals. The name of the game is easy: the more 'Wins' you earn - by tracking your meals, weight and activity - the higher tiers of rewards you unlock. How many Wins have you got so far?

“WellnessWins has been a fantastically motivating reward system on the WW app. I always tracked my meals, but now I make the extra effort to clock up FitPoints® too. The Wins really do add up and I’ve always got my eye on my next reward. I’ve been so impressed with the high quality of the products, and when they arrive so beautifully packaged, it really does feel like a reward” - WW member, Amy 



The search bar on your home screen and our enormous database of food products makes it easy to find what you're looking for. From there, you're just a tap away from tracking an item to your personal dashboard. Check out these handy video guides to learn more about tracking.

“I love tracking because I like to see where I am throughout the day. I love seeing all the SmartPoints® I have left after I've planned and pre-tracked my breakfast, lunch and dinner." - WW member, Sarah 

“I love that you can track in the WW App. It’s something so simple but something that keeps me focused. It feels like an achievement to have input everything on a day!” - WW member, Rachael 



The beauty of our in-app social network Connect is that it feels like the whole WW community is in your pocket. This positive and inspiring space is for all of our digital community of members to hang out, make new friends, get tips & advice and feel supported every step of the way on your journey.

“Connect is brilliant - something none of the other weight loss plans have. It’s so unique and definitely contributes towards it being the best weight loss app on the market.” - WW member, Emma



At WW, we know that moving more can help you towards your weight loss and wellness goals. From increasing your daily step count to scheduling time for at-home workouts, you can earn FitPoints for all physical activities (including housework and gardening!). 

“I love that I can sync my Fitbit with the WW app for automatic tracking. It gives you a sense of achievement.” - WW member, Jenna 

“I love the simplicity of the app! Earning FitPoints is also a huge factor for me. It helps keep me motivated and focused.” - WW member, Emma 



It’s super easy to find new dishes you’ll love using the WW app. With over 2000 recipes to choose from, tailor your mealtime to your dietary needs, daily SmartPoints Budget, prep time - or just find something you fancy!

“I love how easy it is to find recipes using just one word. If I fancy beef tonight, I can search ‘beef’ and loads of options come up. Talk about instant inspiration!” - WW member, Sean 

“I’m always testing out new recipes that I’ve come up with and so the recipe builder in the WW app is invaluable for me. I add my ingredients either from the WW database, my own list of foods, or use the barcode scanner to add it straight into the recipe. The app truly is my best friend!” - WW member, Fiona 




You can always rely on the WW app to provide a continual source of inspiration and motivation. With the incredible array of features at your fingertips, it can help you stay on track and reach your wellbeing goals. 

“I love the WW app as it’s so simple to use, regardless of how technologically minded you are (or not)! The extensive recipe catalogue is fab and if you want to use a certain ingredient, you can even search recipes for that ingredient and you’re given a variety of options! It’s honestly such a handy tool.” - WW member, Tania 

“I absolutely love the app for so many reasons - I bang on about it to anyone who’ll listen! It’s a one-stop shop, it does everything...built in barcode scanner, recipes at the touch of a button, and you can’t beat the recipe builder! It's one of the easiest to use apps I’ve ever come across, and I have a lot of apps! I love how you can also use it as a social platform to meet likeminded members.” - WW member, Laura