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10 tips for stocking your kitchen

So you’re prepared for any scenario - and can still stick to your weight and wellness goals.

When life hits a speed bump, it’s easy to worry that our healthy habits will fly out the window.

The good news? The SmartPoints® system is flexible, meaning we can still stay on track and reach our goals - even if our usual routine has been interrupted. 

From storecupboard meal ideas to breakfast recipes that aren't eggs, there's plenty of kitchen inspiration on our website and 4.8* rated WW app.

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3 fast facts


  1. With myWW®, everything’s on the menu. That means you can get creative with new recipes, ingredients and flavour boosts, and keep from feeling bored or deprived.

  2. Experimenting with ZeroPoint™ foods and low-SmartPoints ingredients like beans, canned and frozen veggies, lentils, and salsa gives you tons of flexibility and variety, especially if your go-tos are hard to get. 

  3. Preparing meals in bulk and freezing them can add structure to your day at a time when schedules are up in the air, and it takes away effort from trying to figure out what’s for dinner. Talk about a win-win!


This week’s technique


Decide when - and how - you’ll stock your fridge and cupboards by using one or two of these tips. Don’t forget to jot them down in your success planner!

  1. Make a list, and stick to it. Raise your hand if you’ve come home from the supermarket with way more than you needed? Yeah, us too. When the whole reason for going to the store is to stock up, it can be extra tough to stay focused. Before you head out, plan out the next week or two to avoid buying impulse items you don’t need. 

  2. Look for a long shelf-life. Canned tuna, wholegrain pasta, rice, and lean proteins generally have longer expiration dates. (Bonus: most are low or no SmartPoints!)

  3. Buy your faves in bulk. One large bag of brown rice is definitely less annoying to store than five smaller bags. Even better - it’ll help you save money in the long haul.  

  4. Stock up on beans. They’re high in protein, super versatile, and a great value. Plus, they last a long time! Pro tip: choose dried over canned if they’re available. Cook them in a pot of water, add your seasonings of choice, and simmer on the hob or in a slow cooker. 

  5. Get (slow) cooking. Lower-cost cuts of meat are a slow cooker’s delight, turning melt-in-your-mouth tender. Larger portions also mean leftovers you can freeze for later.  

  6. Embrace frozen. Store a few bags of fruits and veggies in your freezer for quick and tasty meals. They’re packed with just as many nutrients as fresh ones, and they won’t go bad. 

  7. Freeze fresh finds. Extend the lifespan of perishable items, like milk. Pour your favourite dairy (or non-dairy!) beverage into plastic ice cube trays and freeze to have on hand for tea or coffee. Defrost only what you need! 

  8. Make your own takeout. Recreate your favourite restaurant meals at home! It’s a perfect way to save a little money, and cut down on SmartPoints, since you control what goes in it. Tex-Mex is a great one to try since it uses ingredients like beans, rice, and frozen produce and proteins that are affordable and last. 

  9. Have a snack plan. If sweets are your thing, baked apples with cinnamon or frozen fruit on fat-free plain yogurt are delicious options. If you’re #teamsavoury, roasted pumpkin seeds sprinkled with salt and garlic powder bring the flavour and crunch. 

  10. Don’t forget water. It’s a great replacement for higher-SmartPoints (and often sugar-loaded) drinks. If tap water’s a no-go, grab a few bottles at the shop. Reach for larger ones instead of the smaller, less economical ones. 

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