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Gold membership at WW

Go for gold! What does it mean to be a gold member at WW?
"This is the healthiest and happiest I've felt all of my life"— Robbie Williams, WW gold member

How do I become a gold member?


To become a gold member you need to reach your goal weight, like WW member Robbie Williams! Watch the video below to find out how he feels about reaching gold.


When you attend your WW Workshop, your Coach will help you set a goal weight to aim towards, and when you achieve it you’ll become a gold member.

You’ll have lost at least 5lb, attended Workshops for at least 5 weeks, and reached an ultimate goal weight that’s within our Healthy Weight Range (a BMI of 20-25).


What does gold membership mean for me?


  • Free WW Workshops: As a gold member, you can go to Workshops every week for FREE! For the first 5 weeks you can attend Workshops free of charge, regardless of your weight. Then, all you need to do is stay within 5lb of your goal weight.
  • Gold pack: You’ll receive a gold pack including a gold certificate, a charm, a gold card and a special maintenance plan.  
  • No need to re-join: Gold members never need to register or re-join.
  • No need to pay for missed weeks: Gold members never have to pay for missed weeks.
  • Post-pregnancy free Workshops: Following pregnancy, Workshops are free to gold members until baby is 6 months old. Members can return to Workshops once the postnatal check-up has taken place.

Your Coach will be with you every step of the way on your journey to achieving your goal weight. To find out more about becoming a gold member, speak to them in your Workshop this week, or ask an Online Coach in the WW app.   




Q. Can anyone become a gold member?
A. Children and young people, and currently online only members, cannot be awarded gold membership.


Q. Once I’ve reached my goal weight, how do I activate my gold membership?
A. All you need to do is call us and cancel your Workshop + Digital membership, then you can enjoy Workshops for free.


Q. I still want my Digital tools. How do I get access to these?
A. Gold members can purchase the Digital tools, including the WW app with barcode scanner, at a discounted rate upon cancellation of their Workshop + Digital account.


Q. How do I maintain my gold membership?
A. Gold members should weigh in at least once a month to maintain their gold membership status. If you go 5lb over your goal weight, you'll need to will need to pay a weekly fee. But our Coaches will be there to get you back on track!