ALL the ZeroPoint™ foods

Customised, nutritious eats you can always turn to - no tracking, no measuring, no hunger. Get the full list, from avocado right through to yogurt.
Published 7 October, 2021

ZeroPoint foods are a big deal around here for good reason. That’s because they’re - you guessed it - 0 Points®.

These nutritional powerhouses were specifically chosen since they are nutrient-, vitamin-, and mineral-packed foods that serve as the foundation of healthy eating, and they’re generally critical to your overall health. And the best part? You don’t have to weigh, measure, or track them, no matter how often you reach for them.

For the first time, your list is truly YOURS. (You can find your customised list in the WW app.) Get to know these foods, and start leaning on them as the basis of your meals and snacks.

Want the full list of what’s included? See below. Just don’t forget that once you add any ingredients with a Points® value to a ZeroPoint food (think oil, butter, dressings, or sauces), it won’t be 0 Points®. Be sure to check a packaged item, like store-bought guacamole, for the full ingredients, or use the barcode scanner in the app.


• Avocados
• Guacamole, without sugar or fat

DO track packaged guacamole or avocado-based dressings that contain other ingredients that have a Points value, such as added oils or sugar.

Beans, peas, & lentils

● Adzuki beans

● Alfalfa sprouts

● Bean sprouts

● Black beans

● Black-eye peas

● Cannellini beans

● Chickpeas

● Edamame

● Fava beans

● Great Northern beans

● Kidney beans

● Lentils

● Lima beans

● Lupini beans

● Navy beans

● Pinto beans

● Refried beans, canned, fat-free

● Soy beans

● Green peas

● Peas

● Split peas

DO track other forms of beans not on this list, like store-bought hummus, beans canned in sauce, sugar, or fat or dried bean snacks. If you’re preparing these foods in oil, butter, or sauce, DO track those ingredients.

Corn & popcorn

● Air-popped popcorn, no oil, butter, or sugar

● Air-popped popcorn, no oil, butter, or sugar, with salt and/or spice

● Corn, any type

● Corn, yellow

● Corn, white

● Corn, sweet

● Corn-on-the-cob

● Canned corn

● Popcorn kernels for at-home popping

DO track popcorn if store-bought and prepared with butter, sugar, or other ingredients with a Points® value. If you’re popping popcorn at home, DO track any oil or butter you’re using to prepare it.


● Egg substitute

● Egg whites

● Egg yolks

● Eggs

● Scrambled eggs, without added fat

● Hard-boiled eggs

● Soft-boiled eggs

DO track other forms of eggs not on this list like store-bought egg salad, deviled eggs, or others. If you’re preparing eggs in oil or butter or adding cheese, bacon, and other fillings, DO track those ingredients.

Fish & shellfish

● Abalone

● Alaskan king crab

● Anchovies, in water

● Arctic char

● Bluefish

● Branzino

● Butterfish

● Canned tuna, in water

● Carp

● Catfish

● Caviar

● Clams

● Cod

● Crabmeat, lump

● Crayfish

● Cuttlefish

● Eel

● Fish roe

● Flounder

● Grouper

● Haddock

● Halibut

● Herring

● Lobster

● Mahi mahi

● Monkfish

● Mussels

● Octopus

● Orange roughy

● Oysters

● Perch

● Pike

● Pollock

● Pompano

● Salmon

● Sardines, canned in water or sauce

● Sashimi

● Scallops

● Sea bass

● Sea cucumber

● Sea urchin

● Shrimp

● Smelt

● Smoked haddock

● Smoked salmon

● Smoked sturgeon

● Smoked trout

● Smoked whitefish

● Snails

● Snapper

● Sole

● Squid

● Steelhead trout

● Striped bass

● Sturgeon

● Swordfish

● Tilapia

● Trout

● Tuna

● Turbot

● Wahoo

● Whitefish

DO track other forms of fish not on this list, like tuna canned in oil, fried fish, fried clams, fish sticks, and “imitation” fish products such as those made with surimi (e.g. crab sticks, fish balls, etc.). If you’re preparing these foods in butter, oil, or sauce or with a breading or filling, DO track those ingredients.


● Apples

● Applesauce, unsweetened

● Apricots, fresh

● Bananas

● Blackberries

● Blueberries

● Cantaloupe

● Cherries

● Clementines

● Cranberries, fresh

● Dragon fruit

● Figs, fresh

● Frozen mixed berries, unsweetened

● Fruit cocktail, unsweetened

● Fruit salad, unsweetened

● Grapes

● Grapefruit

● Guava

● Honeydew

● Kiwi

● Kumquats

● Lemons

● Limes

● Mangoes

● Nectarines

● Oranges

● Papayas

● Peaches

● Pears

● Persimmons

● Pineapples

● Plums

● Pomegranates

● Pomelo

● Raspberries

● Star fruit

● Strawberries

● Tangerines

● Watermelon

DO track dried fruits and fruits in syrup, juice, or with added sugar. If you’re drinking these fruits in a smoothie or juice, you'll also need track them.

Non-starchy veggies

All these non-starchy veggies have Points®-boosting potential! For every handful you track (raw or cooked), 1 Points value will be added to your daily Budget. Hooray!

● Artichoke hearts, no oil

● Asparagus

● Aubergine

● Baby corn

● Bamboo shoots

● Basil

● Beet greens

● Beetroot

● Bok choy

● Broccoli

● Brussels sprouts

● Butterhead lettuce

● Butternut squash

● Cabbage

● Canned pimientos

● Carrots

● Cauliflower

● Cauliflower rice

● Celery

● Chinese leaves

● Chives

● Coleslaw mix

● Collard greens

● Coriander

● Courgette

● Cucumber

● Endive

● Fennel

● Frozen stir-fry vegetables, no sauce

● Garlic

● Ginger

● Green beans

● Green leaf lettuce

● Hearts of palm

● Iceberg lettuce

● Jicama

● Kale

● Kohlrabi

● Leeks

● Mangetout

● Mint

● Mixed greens

● Mushrooms

● Mustard greens

● Nori (seaweed)

● Oak leaf lettuce

● Okra

● Onions

● Oregano

● Parsley

● Pea shoots

● Peppers

● Pickles, unsweetened

● Pico de gallo

● Pumpkin

● Pumpkin purée

● Radishes

● Red leaf lettuce

● Rocket

● Romaine lettuce

● Rosemary

● Salsa, fat-free

● Sauerkraut

● Shallots

● Spaghetti squash

● Spinach

● Spring onions

● String beans

● Sugar snap peas

● Swiss chard

● Tarragon

● Thyme

● Tomatillos

● Tomato purée

● Tomatoes

● Turnips

● Water chestnuts

DO track veggies if canned in oil or with added sugar or starchy vegetables like peas, corn, and potatoes (unless they’re on your ZeroPoint foods list!). You'll also need to track butter, oil or sauces if you're cooking or serving your veggies with those ingredients.


● Instant oatmeal, plain

● Oatmeal, plain

● Oats

● Steel-cut oats

● Quick-cooking regular oats

● Quick-cooking steel cut oats

● Rolled oats

DO track other forms of oatmeal not on this list, like flavoured or sweetened varieties or cookies made with oatmeal. If you’re preparing oatmeal with milk or adding foods like nuts, dried fruit, sugar, or honey, DO track those ingredients.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes (including starchy veg)

● Acorn squash

● Baby potatoes

● Baked potatoes

● Baked sweet potatoes

● Canned sweet potato, unsweetened

● Cassava

● Chestnut

● Frozen potatoes, prepared without fat

● Hominy

● Jerusalem artichoke

● Manioc

● Mashed potatoes, plain

● Mashed sweet potatoes, plain

● New potatoes

● Oven-roasted potato wedges, without oil

● Oven-roasted sweet potatoes, without oil

● Parsnip

● Plantain

● Red potatoes

● Roasted potatoes, without oil

● Roasted sweet potatoes, without oil

● Russet potatoes

● Sweet potatoes

● Taro

● White potatoes

● Yams

● Yellow potatoes

● Yucca

● Yukon gold potatoes

DO track potatoes if canned in oil or with added sugar. If you’re preparing these veggies with butter, oil, or a sauce, DO track those ingredients.


● Chicken breast mince

● Turkey breast mince, 98% fat-free

● Skinless chicken breast

● Skinless turkey breast

DO track other forms of poultry like chicken or turkey thighs, drumsticks, fried chicken or nuggets. If you’re preparing these with butter, oil, or sauce or with breading or filling, DO track those ingredients.

Rice and quinoa

● Amaranth

● Ancient grain mix, no seeds

● Barley

● Brown basmati rice

● Brown rice

● Brown rice cereal, 100%

● Brown rice-quinoa blend

● Buckwheat

● Bulgur

● Farro

● Freekeh

● Instant brown rice

● Kamut

● Kasha

● Millet

● Quick-cooking barley

● Quick-cooking brown rice

● Quinoa

● Red quinoa

● Rye berries

● Sorghum

● Spelt

● Spelt berries

● Teff

● Thai brown rice

● Tri-color quinoa

● Wheat berries

● Whole-grain sorghum

● Whole-wheat couscous

● Wild rice

● Wild rice-brown rice blend

DO track other forms of grains not on this list, like white rice or pastas. If you’re preparing these foods in oil, butter, or sauce or adding other ingredients to your pasta, DO track those ingredients.

Tofu, tempeh and Quorn

● Firm tofu

● Silken tofu

● Smoked tofu

● Soft tofu

● Tempeh

● Quorn, plain (fillets, bites, minced)

DO track other forms of tofu, tempeh or Quorn not on this list, like breaded or fried varieties. If you’re preparing these foods in oil, butter, or sauce or adding other ingredients to your meal, DO track those ingredients.

Wholegrain pasta

● Pasta made of ground lentils /chickpeas / peas / lupine

● Pasta made of ground beans/black beans/soy beans

● Pasta made of brown rice / quinoa / amaranth / millet

● Wholegrain angel hair pasta

● Wholegrain elbow macaroni

● Wholegrain farfalle

● Wholegrain fettuccine

● Wholegrain fusilli

● Wholegrain lasagna noodles

Wholegrain linguine

● Wholegrain orzo

● Wholegrain penne

● Wholegrain rigatoni

● Wholegrain rotini

● Wholegrain shells pasta

● Wholegrain spaghetti

● Wholegrain ziti

DO track other forms of pasta not on this list, like white wheat, egg, or other varieties. If you’re preparing these foods in oil, butter, or sauce or adding other ingredients to your pasta, DO track those ingredients.

Yogurt, dairy and non-dairy

● Cottage cheese, plain, fat free

● Greek yogurt, plain, fat free

● Yogurt, plain, fat free

● Quark, plain, up to 1% fat

● Soy yogurt, plain

● Yogurt, almond, plain

DO track other forms of yogurt not on this list, like low-fat, full-fat, flavoured, sweetened or coconut-based varieties. DO track any other ingredients you add to fat free plain yogurt such as nuts, dried fruit, honey, or granola.