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Everything you need to know about the WW programme - and how it can help you lose weight, your way.

Last year, we brought you myWW - our most customised programme ever. After all, when you're trying to lose weight, everyone’s needs are different: what works well for your sister, coworker, or best friend may not work as well for you. Now, we’re taking our personalised approach to the next level - so you can enjoy a healthy diet and lose weight your way.

Lose weight with myWW+


What is myWW+?

We know there’s a connection between weight-loss and a healthy diet, but that’s not the complete picture. myWW+ looks at several elements to bring you a holistic approach to losing weight.

myWW+ is about helping you get healthier and feel better. It starts with a brand new personal assessment, where we get to know your food preferences, activity level, sleep habits, lifestyle, and more. At the end, you’ll get a personalized action plan with insight into your overall wellness. We’ll identify the areas where you’re strong and where you could use a boost, so you can focus on the elements that will matter most along your journey.

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If you're new to WW, you'll be matched with a food plan that's right for you—Green, Blue, or Purple—as well as a list of ZeroPoint™—ones that you don’t have to weigh or count (Think fruits, veggies, lentils, salmon, chicken, potatoes). Plan no longer working for your lifestyle? Just switch!

If you're a current member, myWW+ will give you new ways and new tools designed to make your weight-loss journey easier. We took the programme you know and love and made it even more personalised to you.

  • NEW “What in Your Fridge” meal planner that suggests dishes using what you have on hand

  • NEW in-depth progress report and weekly check-in that measures your success on and off the scale

  • NEW upgraded activity dashboard with a new way to view your FitPoints that helps you move more and find workouts you love

  • NEW 5-Minute Coaching tool that delivers bite-sized behavior change techniques for your busy life

  • NEW personalised recipes and nutritional meal plans with ideas based on what you like to eat and how many SmartPoints® you have left

  • NEW science-backed sleep tools help you get a good night’s sleep every night

How do I take the myWW+ personal assessment?

By answering in-depth questions about your habits, lifestyle, and goals, we’ll give you a view of your overall wellness and a personalised starting point for your wellness journey.

To take WW's personal assessment, click here. If you’re already a WW member, you can take it, too!

How does myWW+ work? 

Each food plan has a unique balance of SmartPoints and ZeroPoint™ foods:

Green has a sizeable SmartPoints® Budget and 100+ ZeroPoint™ foods (fruits and non-starchy veggies).

Blue has a moderate SmartPoints Budget and 200+ ZeroPoint foods (fruits, veggies, and lean proteins). If this eating style looks familiar, that’s because it's the same as WW Freestyle™.

Purple has a modest SmartPoints Budget and 300+ ZeroPoint foods (fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains).

What research went into myWW+?


The myWW+ program was nearly three years in the making. We took the myWW program you know and love and added new tools designed to make weight loss easier. By making the program even more personalized, myWW+ provides more accountability and more support than ever before.

It is based on extensive research into what members want and need in order to be successful, along with insights and trends from around the globe. We then collaborated with our Global Science team to understand where those trends overlapped with science. All three plans were tried and tested with almost 20,000 members globally through interviews, concept testing, pilots, and clinical trials.

All three plans were tried and tested with almost 20,000 members globally through interviews, concept testing, pilots, and clinical trials. 

What can I eat? 

Plenty! By combining your SmartPoints Budget with your ZeroPoint foods, you'll always have plenty of options for a healthy diet.

Discover how to build meals around ZeroPoint foods on all three plans, then dive into more delicious WW recipes and meal plans for weight loss.

Which approach will help me lose the most weight?

All of them. No, really.

After two-plus years of research and extensive testing with over 20,000 members around the globe, we learned that members on Green, Blue, and Purple achieved equal and consistent weight losses.

No color is better than another—they're just flexible in different ways. Some people find a long list of ZeroPoint foods works best for them. Others would rather have more SmartPoints to spend. The one that’s best is the one that gives you the most flexibility, because that's the one that will be the most livable for you.

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Can I switch plans if I want to?  

Absolutely! But we recommend giving it two weeks before you make a change. That’s how long it can take to get used to a whole new way of eating and understand whether your color fits your lifestyle and if it will help you meet your goals. If you decide that switching is what’s best for you, you can do it anytime right in the app. Go to the home screen and tap on the profile icon in the top right corner. Then tap the settings icon (top right corner) and select "Food settings" and then "Food plan."