Raise a glass

And another, and another! Why drinking water (1.75 litres, to be exact) adds Points® to your Budget on our new programme.
Published 6 October, 2021

When you think about it, we’re kinda like fussy houseplants. Water is essential to our health, and without it, we can’t quite bloom. Yet we all seem to struggle with sneaking enough of the stuff in, despite the benefits. Getting in the habit of H2O’ing helps you on the inside (your organs need water to function) and outside (skin glow from hydration is real). That habit will pay dividends for years to come, and with WW, it pays off right now.

How so? When you fill up on (and track) 1.75 litres of water* each day, 1 Points® value will be added to your daily Budget. Ready to up your intake? Keep a water bottle nearby. Start a ritual of drinking water every time you get up to grab something from the printer or walk the dog. Before you know it, you’ll notice everything perking up, from your mood to your energy level.

*You’ll get that Points value from drinking plain water, water flavoured with fruit or herbs, or sparkling water that doesn’t have any added sweeteners. Squash, herbal tea and coffee doesn't count towards your daily goal of 1.75 litres.

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