Why adding Points® helps you succeed

Yes, you heard right: you can now add Points to your Budget! Building healthy habits has never been so rewarding.
Published 14 October, 2021

Our behaviour change experts have a mantra: "What you reward, you repeat." It’s not just a catchy phrase; it’s grounded in science. Consider your own life: you know that thing (we all have one!) you know you should do but just can't get yourself started? A proven way to make it happen is to make doing it feel good.

That's why our PersonalPoints™ Programme makes it simple (and even enjoyable) to do the things we know will help you succeed. Here's more on how, and why, it works.

Adding Points is a positive reinforcement for fitting extra movement into your day, swapping sugary drinks out for water, and reaching for filling, fibre-rich veggies. It helps make these behaviours feel like something you want to do, rather than something you have to do.

Important question: can you spend your additional Points without derailing your weight loss? Absolutely! Here's why you're free to spend your extra Points how you choose:

1. Your PersonalPoints Budget has already been adjusted

Our new algorithm calculated a plan (just for you, based on your metabolic rate and weight goals) that ensures you can have your dailies, weeklies, ZeroPoint foods, and any additional Points from non-starchy veggies, water and activity AND still lose weight.

2. You add a little less than half of what you burn from activity.

You can feel comfortable racking up Points for moving more because we’ve already done the maths. The amount of Points that gets added to your Budget is specific to you, based on your age, height, weight, sex, and the type and duration of the activity.