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Waterdrop Microdrink Taster Pack

Waterdrop’s® mission is to help customers drink more water and less sugary beverages, therefore living healthier, longer, and more sustainable lives.

In 2016 Waterdrop® launched the world’s first ever microdrink - a compact, sugar-free cube that dissolves in water, enriching it with natural fruits, plants and vitamins to increase natural hydration. Premium ingredients are sourced from trusted farmers all around the globe. Using 98% less plastic and CO2 than a standard bottle waterdrop® microdrink’s massively reduce transport emissions and the use of plastic bottles.

waterdrop® aims to provide a smarter and more enjoyable way to drink more water giving it a boost of natural fruits, plants and vitamins.

Taster pack contains 18 microdrinks. You will receive 3 microdrinks in 6 different flavours randomly selected from 8 refreshing flavours *Symbolic picture (package may contain other flavours)

How to Redeem

1. Visit https://en.waterdrop.com/products/taster-pack-wellness-wins

2. Scroll down and click ‘add to cart’

3. Head to the checkout and enter your details

4. Input your unique code into the box marked ‘gift card or discount code’ and click ‘apply’

5. Continue to shipping and ensure free shipping is selected

6. Valid until 31st December 2021. Note: Taster Pack must be added to the cart via URL provided to qualify