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Find ‘Appiness and Joy On Your Phone

Tips For Decluttering and Organising Your Apps From Katrina Hassan

Our phones are often our lifelines but are they making us ‘appy? Recent research conducted to mark the launch of the new myWW+ app found that multiple apps are fighting for our attention and our phone memory and it can cause us added stress. Around a third (32%) of people admit to feeling frustrated by phone admin and a third (36%) have had to delete apps because their device is full. A messy phone with multiple apps is inducing stress for 51% of under 44’s.

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The new myWW+ app offers one solution because it acts as five apps in one, providing members with all the tools they need to manage their weight, mental health and fitness; monitor hydration and sleep; as well as inspire healthy food choices. In addition to being in one place, the five apps are connected to help users with their overall health and wellness journey as well as saving them space, hassle and costs.

So with the average what else can be done to get some ‘appisfaction? Katrina Hassan is a Professional Organiser and Certified KonMari™ Consultant who is passionate about digital minimalism. In response to the research she has shared her top tips for getting more ‘appisfaction from your phone. She has some great ideas for decluttering and getting rid of the apps you don’t need them some helpful suggestions for how to organise your apps to help you get the most out of them.

Decluttering your apps:

Discard first - Examine what apps you have stored on your phone first before you start to organise them. Following the KonMari Method, the first step in successful organisation is to discard first and organise later.

Assess the volume - Before and afters are a strong motivator and are evidence of progress. Count how many apps you have stored on your phone before your cull. Most people who do this are often shocked at the amount they currently have!

Complete your joy checks - Take the time to mindfully go through your apps one at a time. When you’re deciding whether an app should stay or go, ask yourself how often you use it. Be honest: have you ever used it? What purpose does this app serve in your life?

Have confidence in your decision-making skills – Decluttering with the KonMari Method is focused on refining your decision making skills. By looking carefully at an app, one at a time, and making a choice about whether it still has a place in your life, you are curating the app content that will support you instead of overwhelm you.

Beware duplicate apps – Do you have a number of apps that all do the same thing? Do you really need all of them? Streamlining your apps and getting rid of any duplicate apps can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed from having too many choices to make on a daily basis. If you find any duplicate apps, keep the one you find most joyful to use.

The money has already gone – If you’re keeping an app just because you’ve spent money on it in the past, the hard truth is the money has already been spent whether you like it or not. If the app no longer has a purpose in your life, let it go. It no longer has value.

Letting go with gratitude – In KonMari, we are encouraged to say thank you to the items that we are saying goodbye to. If you decide to delete an app, take a moment to remember why you downloaded it in the first place and express appreciation for what it may have brought to you in the past.

There is no ‘target number’ of apps – After you’ve completed your app declutter, don’t worry that you have too few or too many remaining. There is no perfect number of apps to have on your phone; what is important is that all of the apps stored on your phone are serving you and helping you to live well.

The less you have, the less you have to organise – Although there is no perfect number of apps to have, many people agree that they currently have too many stored on their phone. Decluttering is a means to simplify your life and reduce stress.

Be intentional moving forward - When you’re finished with your app declutter, count how many apps you have left on your phone and compare this with your starting number. How does this make you feel? Has the process made you reflect on your app downloading habits?

Organising your apps:

Take a fresh look at your current organisation – The process of organising your apps is a chance to reflect on whether your current app arrangement works for you. Can you find everything easily? Does your home screen empower or overwhelm you when you open your phone?

Set your vision – How do you want to feel when you open your phone? Your phone is a tool that is meant to support your life, not take you away from living your life. Create your vision for how you want to use your phone based on the values of how you want to live your life; you will discover that the app organisation technique you choose will sync naturally to the vision you have in mind.

Organising Option One: Colour coding your apps – Organising your apps by colour has a calming effect and helps you to use the apps intentionally as it spreads apps of a similar purpose out across different folders. If you go on your phone to use a specific app, the colour coded arrangement means you are less likely to be swayed into using another app unnecessarily.

Give each folder a ‘name’ - If you’ve decided to organise your apps by colour, you can use the appropriate coloured emoji to match the coloured apps stored in each folder. This is where you can get very creative! Choose the correct colour emoji to match the content of the folder in line with your personality. For example, for the blue folder of apps, you may choose a blue heart or an ocean wave. This is your phone: it’s a reflection of your personality!

Organising Option Two: Verb-based folders - If efficiency is top priority for you when you’re using your phone, naming your folders with verbs such as ‘work’, ‘watch’, ‘learn’ and ‘relax’ can help you locate the app you're looking for infinitely faster.

Organising Option Three: Alphabetical order - If you prefer to organise your apps in A-Z order, instead of manually alphabetising your apps, there's an easier way to sort them if you have an iPhone:

• Launch the Settings app.

• Tap ‘General.’

• Scroll down and tap ‘Reset.’

• Tap ‘Reset Home Screen Layout.’

• The icons that came with your iPhone will be placed into their default locations, and your other apps will be sorted alphabetically.

Organising Option Four: How you hold your phone - Think about how you hold your phone. If it's easier for you to open an app on the perimeter of your phone, then it may be best to place your frequently used apps strategically around the phone's home screen edges.

Organising Option Five: Themed rows - If you would prefer not to store your apps in folders, you can use the themed row method to place related apps together. Assign a specific genre of apps or app theme to each row, like ‘week planning’, ‘wellbeing’ and ‘social media.’

Organising Option Six: Frequency of app usage – This is another option for those of you who prefer not to have folders. You can split your apps across multiple home screens but store your most frequently used apps like your messages, camera, calendar etc. on the first home screen for easy accessibility. To prevent app overwhelm, the goal is to have three home screens or less.

Give yourself time - To enjoy your new app organisation and make adjustments if necessary. It may take a few days to get used to your new app arrangement but don’t be disheartened. Be confident with the changes you have made; you have reorganised your phone with intention to create a tool that is a source of support in your life.