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Tap into your WW support squad

Real, long-term weight loss and wellness are so much easier when you have the right type of support ready and waiting. That’s the people and the tools that keep you inspired, motivated, and on track at every step of your wellness journey.

Here are just three parts of what makes up your WW support squad.
With WW, you can be part of the Connect online community where you’ll benefit from tips and advice from like-minded members - just what you need to keep you on track and feeling positive.
The WW coach team is there 24/7 to give you programme and SmartPoints advice, a morale boost, and emotional lift - all via our live chat tool. They have the knowledge, enthusiasm, and empathy to keep you focussed on your goals.
These are our subject matter superstars that lead workshops. From psychology to sleep patterns, and fitness to food ideas, you’ll love all the extra stuff that comes with these guys.


So whether you become a D360 or Digital member, and want a reassuring chat with an expert coach or another Connect member in the middle of the night, or need face-to-face support at a physical workshop, WW is there to cheer you on.

Have questions? We have answers!

Team WW
Digital Plan

Great if you want: A self-guided experience to explore in your own time

Team WW
Workshops + Digital Plan

Great if you want: Face to face support from a Coach in weekly group workshops.

Team WW
Digital 360

Great if you want: Daily inspiration from a team of influential Coaches

Team WW

If you feel a different membership would be a better fit, you can always easily switch your membership on a desktop computer, or give us a call.

Team WW

WW Coaches are WW experts who are trained in our programme to help you reach your goals.