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Reach your #WWMilestoneMoment with Alison Hammond this autumn

Lose weight and feel amazing this autumn! From warming recipes to tips for getting outdoors, embrace a new season and reaching your #WWMilestoneMoments with Alison Hammond.

This autumn, we’re celebrating your #WWMilestoneMoments on your weight loss journey.

A milestone is a significant moment in your life - something important, memorable and positive. Whether you've lost weight for your wedding or you felt body confident in a brand new outfit, we love hearing about how WW has transformed your life. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!

To celebrate our amazing members and their inspirational stories, WW ambassador Alison Hammond surprised members with a FaceTime call to find out more about their #WWMilestoneMoments. Watch the video below to hear their stories and be inspired! Then, scroll down for top tips and delicious recipes to help you reach your very own #WWMilestoneMoments this summer.

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