Amanda: "I have a much healthier relationship with food"

Amanda has lost 1st 12lb in eight months*, but what she’s most proud of is the healthy relationship with food she’s helping her children nurture.

Amanda’s ‘why’

“I was tired of starving myself to try and lose weight. That approach wasn’t good for me and it wasn’t good for my children – and it wasn’t working. When I saw the results other people were achieving on WW without banning any foods or depriving themselves, I wanted in on that!”

Q & A with Amanda

3 reasons WW works for Amanda
It easy to do

“Because I’m no longer in that mindset of cutting out entire food groups, whatever I eat, my family eats. Being able to enjoy meals as a family is not only healthy, it makes things simple.”

Everything’s on the menu

“I wanted a plan that wasn’t restrictive and was free of ‘guilt’. I love that I can eat dessert on myWW and never feel like I’ve ‘slipped up’. It’s designed so you can enjoy food, not avoid food.”

The support is priceless

“The WW Connect community, and being able to access it 24/7 through the app, is so fantastic. I love connecting with other members and being inspired by what they share.”

Amanda’s day on a plate

Vegetarian dhal