Success Stories

How to lose weight: Top tips from 5 members who lost over 3st

Looking for a weight loss plan that works? These 5 members had amazing success with WW.

The following members lost weight on WW Freestyle™.


Nikki @miss.wwuk


Nikki joined WW in September 2014 and lost 10 stone!

Here are her top tips:

1. Bring your cooking to life

Keep your cooking alive with herbs and spices! Before I joined WW, my cooking was kind of bland with maybe four or five herb and spice jars to my name! WW inspired me to experiment and cook more following their fantastic recipe books which grew my collection of fantastic herbs and spices - the perfect way to jazz up and add flavour to any meals. I love nothing more than going to my spice racks and picking out my base flavours for yummy dishes!

2. Swap and save       

Make smart swaps and save SmartPoints®! Swapping simple items like rice for cauliflower or broccoli rice, chips for butternut squash chips and full fat produce for lower fat alternatives can save you a bundle of SmartPoints - perfect if you've planned a night out.

3. Prep is key

I find that preparing 'ready to eat' snacks to keep in the fridge for those hungry moments like a pot of homemade houmous, sliced peppers, carrots and cucumber really help me out in times of need and often stops my fingers dipping into the cookie jar!

4. Plan your meals

Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinners to save you time, money and more often than not, SmartPoints! I always flick through my recipe books for meal inspiration and variety. Quite often I ask both my daughters to select something exciting from the WW cookbooks to put on our menu for the week.


Jude @vegetarian.jude


Jude rejoined WW in January 2016 and lost 83lb to reach her goal weight in April 2017. "I did lose the extra lb just to round it off and make it 6 stone!" she says.

Here are Jude's top tips for weight loss:

1. Reward yourself each day       

Plan a small ‘reward’ for sticking to your SmartPoints Budget to enjoy at the end of each day. A Crunchie bar for 6SP was always mine. If you can’t stretch to that, have a bowl of fat-free natural yogurt with chopped fruits or a milky drink made from low fat milk. Some hot chocolate sachets are only 2SP! That way, you always end the day on a positive.

2. Start moving more straightaway       

Don’t wait to exercise! I wish I had started sooner, as it not only boosts your weight loss but also releases 'happy hormones' or feel good endorphins. You could also make new friends if you join a gym or attend classes. Take exercise one step at a time; slowly at first then build it up. It could be walking, swimming or Aqua Fit - any exercise you think you'll enjoy, just go for it! You’ll feel so much more energised.

3. Settle in and enjoy the journey       

Enjoy the journey and keep chipping away at your goal. It’s not a quick fix, so just give it time - it’s all about transforming old habits into new, healthier habits. Week by week those little changes all add up, not only to weight loss but to a whole new lifestyle and wardrobe too! I now wear bright colours, whereas I used to wear the same old black leggings and black baggy tops.

4. Eat the rainbow

Eat the rainbow (different coloured fruit and veggies, for example) and wear the rainbow and you’ll feel amazing...

Jude also filmed a pancake vlog for us back in February! Give it a watch, then check out her jammy blueberry pancake recipe


Paul @ww_paul


Paul rejoined WW in May 2014. His total current loss is 90lb - almost 6.5st! 

Here are Paul's top tips for losing weight:

1. Never go hungry!

With WW, you never need to go hungry. There are so many ZeroPoint foods available that you can turn to even if you've used all of your daily SmartPoints. I've tried other plans which don't have this flexibility and as soon as you start becoming hungry, it's more tempting to go off plan. For me, this didn't happen with WW.

2. Exercise is key

I couldn't exercise for long periods of time when I first started my weight loss journey. And that's okay; the important thing is to keep at it. Do an extra 100 steps each day, take the stairs when you can, etc. Gradually build up your fitness - you'll continue to feel great and that you have achieved something. Now, I literally can't live without having a good workout. It's just part of my day now.

3. Use all of the resources available

Being a WW member is about so much more than just attending a Wellness Check-in. There is a massive online community out there, whether it be on Connect or Instagram. It may sound cheesy, but we literally are one big family and whenever you need support, it's out there - and it might be from someone you have never even spoken to before! On a side note, I love using my Instagram account (@ww_paul) to help keep me accountable. It also encourages me to get creative with my recipes!

Paul has also written a blog about ZeroPoint foods and another putting the WW Eggs cookbook to the test.


Natalie @natsnatterings


Natalie joined WW in January 2018 and lost 55lbs - almost 4st!

Here are her top weight loss tips:

1. Set realistic expectations

Whether your goal is to lose 14lbs or five stone, have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly targets that fit within your lifestyle and routine. Change doesn't happen overnight, so if you can implement and achieve the micro-goals, then your end goal won't feel too distant or unachievable.

2. Don't compare your journey with others

I turn to Instagram when I need a boost, but don't let yourself get caught up in replicating someone else's journey. It's yours for a reason; it doesn't matter how many times you stumble because it's not a race. Dust yourself off, you'll get there - you just have to believe that you will.

3. Remember why you started

The diet starts on Monday used to be my mantra, but whenever it rolled around, Monday still presented the same challenges. The second I decided on my 'why', I wrote everything down on my phone and I stopped waiting for Monday to come. Now, whenever I'm going through a tough time, I can look at my notes and remember why I'm on this journey.

4. Get uncomfortable

Losing weight is just one of many wellness pillars. To really see long-term results you need to shift your mindset and challenge yourself. For me, it's a skydive - it's something I've dreamed of doing for years, but my weight always held me back. For you, it could be practising daily meditation or taking pictures on holiday. Those are the non-scale victories you'll always remember.

5. Choose the energy you radiate

I used to be so caught up in a self-critical mindset that it stopped me from living the life I wanted. Make yourself a priority, recognise your worth, remind yourself daily and be your own hype woman/man. It's one of the most important roles you can play in your WW journey.

6. Stay hydrated

It'll prevent headaches, boost your mood, improve your skin and will naturally aid weight loss. In the summer, pop some fruit into ice moulds and once ready you can add to your drink. It's extra refreshing and keeps H2O interesting with a pop of flavour.


Rachael @rachael_wwuk


Rachael began her weight loss journey in summer 2008, when she was a student nurse. She says: "By the time I qualified two years later in summer 2010, I’d lost 4.5st and dropped four dress sizes!"

Here are her favourite tips:

1. Try a new recipe each week or month 

I find this keeps food interesting as I think we all get in a bit of a food rut sometimes. I use recipes from the WW mag, app and cookbooks.

2. Make smart swaps       

I love meeting friends for coffee but I only really like milky lattes! I always ask for skimmed milk and sugar-free syrup to bring down the SmartPoints value.

3. Allow yourself treats and days off-plan 

I never deny myself a meal or day off-plan. But I always get straight back on plan and don’t let a cheat day become a cheat week. I think we’re all a bit guilty of saying ‘oh it’s Thursday and I’ve been naughty, I may as well start again on Monday’. Getting out of that mindset has been the key to maintaining my weight loss.

4. Find an activity you enjoy

If you hate the gym then don’t go! Find something that makes you feel good mentally and physically and then it won’t feel like a chore. My favourite things to do to keep active are swimming, spin classes, Pilates, long walks in the countryside and cycling along the beach.