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Suzanne: The healthier I became, the happier I felt

After suffering post-natal depression, member Suzanne learned to take back control of her health and found happiness and support along the way.
Published 25 July, 2019

Suzanne’s story

Weight lost: 3st 13lb
Age: 38
WW Workshop: Bebington, Cheshire
WW Coach: Laura Teare-Jones


After the birth of my daughter Bethany in January 2009, I began to feel overwhelmed. I’m the kind of person who needs to feel I’m in control, but suddenly my days were being controlled by a baby. After a few weeks it became too much. I remember I was out shopping for a birthday gift but couldn’t find what
I wanted. All of a sudden I was crying in the shop. I didn’t feel like myself anymore.

I called my health visitor, Noel, and left a message. I must have sounded like I was in a state as he came by that very afternoon. At first I thought a man would be unsympathetic, but Noel was brilliant. He came every week for about a month, asking questions, then letting me talk about my feelings.


Taking back control


We began to discuss how I could feel in control. I knew I was overweight, so he suggested that following a healthy eating and exercise plan could help me regain a sense of self. Although I’d never done anything like it, I went to a WW Workshop and thought it was brilliant. The support I got from my WW Coach and other WW members was fantastic. It felt empowering and I steadily lost weight.


Happiness: a ripple effect


I also started walking more and the healthier I became, the happier I felt. It was a ripple effect. Because I was happier, Bethany was happier, and my husband Paul was happier too.

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Five years later, when I was expecting our son Thomas, I planned to do whatever I could to avoid postnatal depression (PND), as the risk increases if you’ve suffered from PND before. After he was born in March 2014, I returned to my Workshop as soon as my GP gave me the go-ahead. People cooed over the baby, but also asked how I was feeling and gave me encouragement. That meant so much to me and thankfully, PND didn’t return.

My experience of PND has taught me how important it is to talk about how you feel, and I’m glad I reached out. Some people worry that asking for help is a weakness, but it takes a very strong person to hold up their hand and say, ‘I’m not coping’. I’m really proud I did.