Success Stories

Stephanie: I found the same support in a Workshop on the other side of the world

Discover how Stephanie got happier, healthier and lost more than 3st.
Published 14 May, 2019
"I’m on the road a lot for my job, but I now know I can visit a Workshop no matter where I am."

Weight loss: 3st 5lb 
Age: 29
Studio: The Vassal Centre, Bristol, Gloucestershire
WW Coach: Jo Ricketts

Pursuit of happiness

It might sound silly, but when I moved from Florida to the UK, I found adjusting to the weather was the hardest part. While I was happy to be living here, I felt down and a bit sluggish.

I talked to my doctor, who told me my body could be missing the endorphins it was used to getting from the sun. He explained that regular exercise could produce those same feel-good endorphins, so I decided to find a new way to get my happy fix.


Support network

I’d been a WW member when I lived in the US, and I knew the programme worked. So when I needed help to get active and lose weight, it seemed natural to return. I went to my first UK WW Workshop in Bristol and loved the fact that even though it was on the other side of the world, I could find the same amazing support. I’m on the road a lot for my job, but I now know I can visit a Workshop no matter where I am.


Healthier choices

Since joining WW, I’ve totally changed my eating habits. On days off, I’ll cook nutritious meals, and if I’m working, I’ll make something quick, like an omelette. When friends come over, I whip up a healthy recipe that’s sure to please a crowd, like butternut squash lasagna or chicken and mushroom filo pie. And now my handbag’s like a fruit bowl; I fill it with apples and grapes for snacking on the go.


Energy boost

As well as making healthier eating choices I also got active, taking classes at a local gym. If I don’t have time for a class, I’ll follow a fitness video on YouTube. When I’m not travelling to or from meetings, I work from home – there’s a park nearby which is perfect for walks, so I’ve started taking conference calls while doing laps.

These days, I find that there’s nothing better than hiking outdoors in the British countryside enjoying the fresh air – whether that comes with rain or shine! It may not be the Sunshine State, but getting fit outside definitely makes me happy.