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Sophie: You can eat out! Here’s how…

Weight Watchers Official Eating Officer, Sophie, spent seven weeks eating her way up and down the country – so if anyone knows how to stay on track while being social, it’s Sophie…

Sophie's story 

Name: Sophie
Weight loss: 3st 9lb
Start weight: 17st 9lb  
Goal weight: 13st 8lb
Current weight: 14st  
Age: 25
Time taken so far: 1 year

If I know I’m going out for dinner, I always factor in a light breakfast and lunch too, so I have SmartPoints to spare.

Planning is keyScoping out the menu online before going to a restaurant can help you choose healthy options that won’t push you over your SmartPoints budget. 

If you don’t ask, you don’t get
It’s a good idea to ask your waiter how the food you’d like to order is cooked. That way, if you want something cooked a certain way or want to substitute an ingredient, you know to ask.
Check out the grill
Fried food might be tempting, but it’s not exactly the healthiest option. Going for grilled meats, like chicken skewers, will help keep your SmartPoints in check.
Healthy swaps are always an option
No menu is set in stone; if you want to swap chips or onion rings for a salad or vegetable side dish, just ask your waiter.
You don’t have to eat it all
I used to hate leaving food, but I’ve learned to stop eating when I’m comfortably full. If that means eating half my main and leaving the rest, that’s okay. It was unsettling at first, but now I’m learning to understand when my body has had enough. 
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