Success Stories

Seema: Energy? I’m bursting with it!

Overweight and suffering from a thyroid condition, Seema’s life was anything but energetic. But after losing more than 3st, she’s healthier than ever – and keeping up with the kids
"Losing weight has transformed my life. "

Start weight: 12st 4lb | Weight loss:  3st 5lb 
Current weight: 9st 2lb 
Height: 5' 1" |  Age: 37
Studio: Limbury, Luton
WW Coach: Fiona Campion

I was diagnosed

with an underactive thyroid at 16, and from then on, my energy levels were so low, even getting out of bed was a struggle. It didn’t help that I was overweight; by my mid-20s I was a size 14-16, which made my petite frame look huge. I tried quick-fix diets, but nothing stuck – I managed to lose a stone in time for my wedding, but I gained everything back after the honeymoon.

In 2009, I discovered I was pregnant

with my son, Sayan. It was a difficult pregnancy, so I didn’t put on much weight. But I made up for it once breastfeeding, as I was permanently hungry – and I repeated the process with my youngest, Lily. When I finished breastfeeding, I knew I had to take control of my body. So I joined WW with the help of my GP.

I was intimidated at first,

but my WW Coach, Fiona, was so helpful. Soon, even my husband, Vim, had learned to cook healthy, delicious meals, and I was paying attention to portion sizes. I even took up exercise, including cardio classes. When I reached goal, Fiona and I were both in tears!

Losing weight

has transformed my life. I have so much more energy, and instead of slumping on the sofa at weekends, Vim and I are out and about having fun with the kids. My thyroid condition has improved, too, so I need a lot less medication. But, best of all, I look at my two beautiful kids and know I’m doing the best I can for our family.